Chapter 16

Nick watched Jade as she walked away from him to go to the ladies room. He wasn't lost on the fact that she had chosen the exact same moment, Allayana had announced she was about to throw the bouquet. As all the other unmarried females made their way to the middle of the dance floor, his walked the opposite way. Something had spooked her, she had been distant and cold since the moment he walked in from taking photos with the wedding party. At first, he was worried that it might have been his father, but the man had been with him and the wedding party taking pictures. Besides, he had been his usual self, which meant ignoring him and Jade by association. So what could have bothered her so much? He glanced around the party; maybe one of the guests had said something to her.

In this day and age, he would be surprise if someone would be so against him and Jade being together. Since they had been dating not one friend had made mention of the fact that they were of different race, maybe he was kidding himself to think no one cared enough to approach one of them about it. He knew most of these people, and he wouldn't have thought that one would have a problem with the fact that he was in an interracial relationship. Then his eyes hit on two blondes, both staring him down as they made their way to the middle of the dance floor. He groaned inwardly and dropped his head. Not both, he thought, he could deal with one separately but not both. He swung his head towards the direction Jade just left, those little bitches. They must have said something to her. Nick became very angry. What did he have to do to convince this woman she was all he wanted?

As the screams of giddy ladies filled the air while trying to catch the bouquet, he signaled his brother to meet him outside, there were plans he needed to set up.

"Miss Clark can I have a word with you?"

Jade stopped and moaned, if she had to listen to one more person tell her how Nick was using her, she was going to scream. In the bathroom, three women had stopped her to tell her the dreaded news all in hopes to save her. One had been a friend of Dawnn's mother, which explained how Dawnn had gotten an invite to the wedding; she was nothing more than a tag along. The other held a close resemblance to Susan and the other one seemed to be there for moral support. She flirted with the idea of just pretending not to have heard them and keep on walking, but the fact the voice had came from a man, made her turn. And then she wished she hadn't.

"What can I do for you Mr. Strafford?" she asked plastering on her best smile.

"I want to talk to you about Nicholas."

"Oh no, not you too!" She really was going to scream.

"I beg your pardon?" George questioned.

"Let me guess, you're gonna say something about how I should not get too involved with him, he'll only break my heart, blah blah blah. Look Mr. Stafford, I've heard that same speech already today. I'd rather not…"

"Miss Clark…"He interrupted her, "I'm not here to warn you off my son. In fact, I wanted to say, although I might not agree with all the decisions my son makes I must agree with you. I'm not as cold hearted as everyone will believe, I've notice how he looks at you and he reminds me of myself when I look at Phyliss. The same look Ben gives Ana. And the same my father gave my mother. It's almost a family trait. If anything I'm here to say give my son a chance. I'm sure you've been accosted by a jealous female or two, but he's here with you, not them."

Jade stared at him in shock, "Umm, I don't know what to say Mr. Stafford. That speech is a little out of character for you."

"Miss Clark, my duty in life was to provide for my family and to pass down a legacy they would be proud of. I might not have made all the right choices, but I've done my duty." He said in response. "But my goal in life, Jade, was to make sure my children found their happiness in life."

Before Jade could respond, she saw Nick out of the corner of her eye, moving towards them. "Jade, it's time for us to leave." He said not meeting his father's eyes.

"So when are you going to tell me where we are going?" Jade asked as she boarded a small plane. After Nick had collected her, they had left the reception and gotten into a limo. She had kept quiet as they passed the entrance to the hotel, but when they had started to head back to the airport, she had started to get worried.

"When we get there." Was the response she got. Nick then signaled for the pilot to leave and he climbed into the cockpit.

"Wait you're not going to fly this thing are you?" she squeezed out of her rapidly closing lungs.

"That's the plan." Nick responded nonchalantly.

"I don't know about this Nick." It was really starting to get hard to breathe.

He looked over at her and said, "Trust me."

He would have to use the trust card. "Just give me a moment okay?"

"Sure." He said as he started taxing down the strip.

Jade stepped into the small beach house; they had been in the air for less than thirty minutes before Nick landed on the small neighboring island. It was just as spectacular as the island they had came from but just smaller. As they flew over it, Jade noticed the mountain range that went through the middle of the island separating it into two sides. She also saw what look like to be a huge waterfall, she made note of its general location, so she had Nick could explore it later. The small house consisted of a large living space with a small attached kitchen. A large bedroom with an equally large bathroom, there was a wraparound porch and it was fully furnished.

Taking off her shoes and slipping out of her pink sundress, she climbed onto the bed, and sighed as she sunk down into the down filled mattress. "This is heaven."

"I'd say, mind if I join you." Nick asked coming in behind her. He was already stripping out of his clothes.

"I don't know. Are you going to tell me where we are and why we are where we are?"

He paused from climbing on, "Run that by me again."

"Ha ha, very funny."

Smiling, he nudged her over on her stomach and started rubbing her back. After he removed her bra, he finally said, "We are on a private island my dad brought me and my brother, the summer I graduated from college and Ben graduated from high school. This is my side of the island. Ben has the other side. We are here, because I thought we could use the privacy." He started placing small wet kisses along her spine. When he got to the elastic on her thong, he hooked two fingers on the band and pulled the band down. Jade said nothing but lifted her hips so he could take them off her.

He kissed another path up one of her legs, when he got to the point where her thigh and ass met he bit her and then licked the spot to soothe it.

"Did you just bite me on the butt?" a muffled voice asked him.

He opted to ignore that question and instead started massaging her back again. He swept his hands down her sides, and shaped her hips and then each cheek. Spreading her legs, he made room for himself, in between. Bending down he gave her nether lips a slow lick. Taking her moan as agreement, he spread her lips and begin alternating between licking and sucking her center. He didn't let up until he had rung two orgasms from her. Pulling her hands from under her head, he stretched them out and held them down to the bed.

"What are you doing?" Jade asked trying to look at him over her shoulder.

"Nothing you won't like." He said, letting the tip of his member slide in her quavering sex.

"Hmmm." She lifted her hips trying to tempt him to go deeper. When he pulled out completely, she gave a small token of protest.

"Hold on baby." He leaned up and grabbed one of the pillows at the top; lifting her hips with his other hand, he pushed the pillow under her so that her hips were now elevated. "There that's better." She spread her legs wider in agreement. He pushed back into her, going balls deep. "Have I mentioned lately how good you feel around me?"

"Not today." She moaned, pushing her hips back, willing him to go faster. "I'll forgive you if you move faster."

"No, not this time, sweetheart, just lay there and enjoy it." He kept the slow pace, when she started to repeat his name repeatedly; he pressed his hand in between them and reached for her clit. He had reached his limit and wanted her to go over the edge with him.

Jade opened her eyes the next morning, reaching for Nick. When her hands met nothing but cool sheets, she jackknifed up. Looking around she still saw his clothes from last night on the ground and his personal bag was in the oversized chair in the corner. So he hadn't abandoned her on a tropical island. Not that she was overly worried. But no woman likes waking up to an empty bed after having such an explicit night. Rolling out of the bed, she went into the bathroom to relieve herself. It was until she came out that she saw the white dress and the note pin to it lying on the window seat on the opposite side of the room.

Crossing the room quickly she took the note off the dress. "Get dress and follow the trail." She said reading the note out loud. Follow the trail? What trail? She looked down at the dress and that's when she noticed the flower petals littering the ground. She really wasn't coherent this morning. She blamed it on her wine consumption from the reception and then the long night of loving. She followed the petals to the door and saw they continued all the way out the front door. What was this, she wondered. Going back to the bathroom, she took a quick shower, and then she put on the dress. Admiring the fine details and the feel of the soft silk sliding against her skin, she went without undergarments, since it was just her and Nick on the island. Grabbing her sandals, she started out the door.

The petals seemed to go on forever, when she saw they were leading her away from the beach and into the heart of the island, she had been a little worried, but as she moved more into the wooded area, she saw that there was a cleared pathway. After about a ten minute walk, she was afraid she was lost, until she started to hear the roar of the waterfall. When she finally cleared the trees and other vegetation, she stopped to admire the sight before here. She had been right; the waterfall was enormous close up.

"It's beautiful isn't it?"

Jade jumped and turned to her right, standing in front of her was Nick dressed in a black tuxedo. Behind him stood not only Ben and Allayana, but also the priestess who had performed their wedding. "Nick wha-what's going on?"

"We've been through a lot in such a short time, haven't we?" When she nodded in agreement, he started walking towards her and continued. "I've never been one to take uncalculated risks before, but I find that I take them with you all the time. Buying that hotel was just an excuse I used to get to you. I called up the owner and bought the thing without going through all the usual paperwork. I had no clue what I was getting into. But I've not regretted a moment it gave me with you."

He stopped in front of her; grabbing both her hands, he looked into her eyes and said. "Last night I took another risk, I didn't use a condom. I know that you are on the pill, but we both know that's not a 100 guarantee that you won't get pregnant."

When her eyes got wide, he carried on. "Yesterday I watched as you grew cold and distant from me, all because of your uncertainty in where my feelings lie. Part of that's my fault. I grew worried that if I didn't do something soon I would lose you. After meeting my father, you can see we Stafford men aren't big on feelings and expressing them. But if my little brother can do it so can I. Jade I love you. I want to spend the rest of my life showing you how much. Showing you that there is no one else for me but you."

Getting down on one knee, he pulled out one of the biggest diamond ring Jade had ever seen, "Marry me Jade."

She furiously nodded her head as her response. The emotions going through her were too much that the simple yes wouldn't come from her mouth. When he slipped the ring onto her finger, she fell to her knees and threw her arms around his neck. "I love you so much."

Nick leaned out her arms, only to lean back in and kissed her and her wipe the tears that were freely flowing down her cheeks. Helping her to stand, he led her towards the priestess.