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Here in this dark cold, one might wonder how the past once was. What great lights sung above our heads and lit the way to our doom. We walked so confidently towards a destiny we could not have predicted. Who are we you might wonder? The sons of a human, and the most powerful vampire in this world… My brother is known as Acestes Vladmir of the Dasmascus, and I my self known as Admetus Valentine of the Dasmascus.

We came into this world in September 6th of 2001… And there is much of that year I can tell you, surprising for my age at the time. I remember lying in the arms of my mother, looking up into those red eyes that held such a sad story in them… But yet, a beauty was about her, as if she had stood through every storm that lashed against her soul and bared them with no complaints…

My mother was you see that powerful vampire. Elder of the clan and master to many … But to me, she will forever be a mother. If you knew my mother, you might wonder how it is I could love her... I've seen her wild sides, and I've seen her power… but yet, never has she hurt me, and never has she hurt my twin… She seems almost… afraid of herself in this manner, afraid that she might hurt those she loves…

My father, Adonis DeHart, was not my mother's mate. Surprising enough I found myself questioning her on this shortly after my 5th birthday… and her answer was the same then as it will be to this day. "You father and I were friends, and he was simply in the right area (or wrong) at the right (wrong) time and able to satiate my thirst for physical love." The answer was one I did not understand till many years later…

My mother's mate you see was perhaps more of an uncle to me then a step father. He was not unkind towards me and my brother, but even at early age I could see sadness in his eyes when he looked at us… It took me years to realize why he looked at us with such a gaze, and even longer for me understand what I had realized… He had not been able to give my mother the physical love she had needed on that night… In fact, to this very day I am not sure if they have or have not mated… I came to understand that he was sad for the fact she had needed to go elsewhere for that love… You see he was short for an immortal, and I grew rather confused when I had grown to look older and taller then him. In fact my brother and I grew taller then everyone but our mother... But, he seemed to maintain this child like youth about him. It was sometime later that I found out he had been turned a vampire, not born one like I. The story behind his turning is not for me to type, and nor was it my intent to linger on that topic... But there was something in his past, which kept him from making love…

I've seemed to have strayed from my original topic, the year I was born. I can as I said remember something of that year. My brother and I were not the only recent birth of that time… There we're three other characters new to the world then; two of them my half brothers, and the other one my nephew, even though he was older then me.

I can almost say this positively, that Seifer was my favourite of those around my age (aside from my brother of course.). He was such an interesting friend, innocent and reserved for the most part, but yet accepting and ready to do almost anything. Son to one of my brothers, he was indeed my nephew and I his uncle. But, we called each other cousins and sometimes even brothers. His father was Kash, and for any one that knew the two, it was quite obvious the Seifer had gotten his love of candy and his innocence from his father. However, it would be a well known fact that his love for trying new things came from his mother, Autumn.

Ophel would have been my second favourite. He is one of my half brothers and born a few weeks after my brother and I. His family was rather….dysfunctional, easy to tell for the fact Ophel had two fathers. One of his fathers was my father, Adonis, while the other was my brother, Adrian. You might be wondering how it is two 'gay' men managed to produce offspring, and I shall tell you that I had no wished to find this answer out. But it was Ophel himself who had told me. My brother, Adrian, had the ability to change him self physical in any manner of ways; one of those ways just so happened to be an ability to change his gender.

It is in this ability that the other twin, Oz, dislikes his fathers. He seems to be quite anti-gay and one would assume homophobic… but I've caught site of him in the nights when drunk far too many times to believe the later completely. I merely derived his dislike for his parents from the fact that he had no power; no noticeable one any way. He was trapped in a world between both races of vampire and human… Although, he never openly said anything to us, I could feel it… and I knew it.

You might notice, that I have not yet mentioned much of my twin… That is because I left the best for last. There are so many ways to describe him… but yet, the words I could use never seem to measure up to describe him completely at all. It's hard to describe the connection between us… It's hard to describe the feeling of knowing you'll never be alone in the world… Formed at the exact same moment; made from the exact same start… My mother told me we were born in each others arms, and when she would try to separate us she claimed we would never stop fussing and crying till we were beside each other again. I believe her saying this, because even to this day I can not stand being away from him. It's as if part of my soul is missing when we're apart, and I can not rid myself of the pain I feel till he is back at my side. We hardly ever leave each other side due to this, and even as I type this my brother is asleep beside me…

Admetus glanced away from his laptop and at his brother. A soft smile pulling his lips ad he let his hand move over to stroke a finger down Acestes's cheek. He admired the soft red hair that framed his brother's face and was quite taken to the thought of sliding the finger downwards and ghosting a claw over Acestes's parted lips. The red haired man stirred, leaning into the touch of his brother. "Admetus…"

Raising an eye brow slowly at his name whispered, he slid his laptop closed and placed it to the table beside there couch. Turning his attention to his brother, he leaned over and softly cupped Acestes's face in his hands. "You dream of me…" He whispered softly to his brother, stroking his thumb softly over the cheek he held. "I hope they are good dreams…" He voiced as he leaned down, brushing his lips over the forehead. A soft moan made Admetus blinked and pull back to look at his brother, noticing the flush that had slid over his brothers cheeks. "I think the dream might be too good…" he voiced, color rising to his own cheeks as he brother murmured his name again. It was the deepness of the husky tone in that whisper that spiked his interest…

He ran his tongue slowly over Acestes's parted lips, surprised when those lips parted wider at his touch. He closed his eyes slowly and let the feeling of this brothers shuttering breath slid over his face. To his revelation he felt a soft tongue ghost over his own lips; opening his eyes he looked down into the reflection of his own face. He felt his cheeks warm under the rather hungry look of his brother.

Acestes's tilted his head running his tongue over Admetus's lips again and earning widened eyes from the twin. "Caught you..." Acestes murmured lifting a hand to slide his finger's into Admetus's hair.
"I…I… didn't…mean to…" Admetus's voice was cut off as his brother pressed a finger to his lips.

"Don't say you're sorry… It was a lovely way to wake up." Acestes whispered, running the finger over Admetus's lips slowly. "The perfect end to my dream..."

Admetus was caught by the look of his brother and caught by the feel of fingers over his face. He parted his lips and drew one of the digits between them, applying a soft bite that made Acestes moan softly. Laving the finger with his tongue, he felt his brother shiver below him as he sucked. He felt his brother's other hand tightened in his hair, watched his brother staring at him intensely as he pulled back and left the finger moistened. Taking the finger into his own mouth, Acestes cleaned away the saliva slowly. Leaning down Admetus brushed his lips over Acestes, and the finger was forgotten as his hand slipped around Admetus's waist and pulled he twin down against his chest…

Mouths locked, they teased each other lips with their fangs, lightly scratching their tongues on those fangs, and mixing the blood thick with saliva between their very lips. Their soft moans matched and entwined together, matching the dance of their tongues… Hands sliding over the others face, they slid the glasses away from each other and the wire frame specs were forgotten to all but the floor they landed on.

Flipping their positions, Acestes perched over his brother now and pulled back form their kiss. Giggling softly he traced his hand down over the belts and leather his brother's chest was hidden behind. "Why… does this feel so good?" he asked, tilting his head slowly. Admetus swallowed the thick substance they had created, shivering slightly at realization of what it meant.

"…because, it's so very wrong." Admetus whispered, sitting up slowly and allowing his brother to crawl into his lap.

"Wrong? How can something this good be wrong..?" Acestes wondered aloud as he pressed a kiss to his brother's neck.

"We… shouldn't be doing this…" Admetus voiced softly, bowing his head over his brothers while slipping his arms around him.

"You like this…. And I do to… why stop?" Acestes asked, his voice slightly muffled against Admetus's shoulder.

"We…can get in trouble…" Admetus whispered, earning a soft giggle from his twin.

"I don't think mum will care…" Acestes murmured.

"But- the rules are against it…." Admetus found his words dieing off as his twin started to open up the buckles that covered him. New flesh exposed, Acestes softly kissed at his brothers collar bone. Mewling his pleasure Admetus lifted his hands to his brother's own buckles, choosing to lose him self in his twins innocence.

In minutes the two had stripped each other of their buckles, and we're currently engaged in the actions of removing the others body suit. They had seen the other naked on many occasions, simple for the fact they did many things together. It was always found odd by others, that the twins would bath and sleep in the same coffin. So perhaps losing their virginity to each other was just something they just had to do.

Admetus groaned softly as his twin's fingers gazed over his nipples, Acestes felt his fangs lengthening as the sound merely urged him on to bite the hardened peek. Feeling his twin shudder under his body, he let his other hand slide lower; he slipped the body suit off the waist. Assaulted by his twins eagerness Admetus found himself stifling the urge to whimper, and merely panted as his twin slid his fingers over his man hood. Shifting with a growing fire he arched his hips up into the touch, knowing he surprised his twin by the hardness of his package. Teasing him slightly Acestes sat up, obliged to grind his still clothed crotch against his brother's erection.

"A-acestes…" At hearing his name spoke which such a deep moan off of those moistened lips, Acestes shivered and leaned forward. Lips captured, the twins marvelled at how perfectly they fit together. The kiss moved as if they had done this before to the other, their bodies following the same appearance. Admetus lifted his hands, gripping his brother body suit and sliding it over his body, letting it join his at their feet. Both sets of hands, gripped the other's waist as they slid against each other. Grinding against the other, their hips met and cocks brushed.

The pressure built, and soon their hands slid down sliding around the others aroused organs. Thin beads of a thick red slipped over their fingers, and breaths became shuttered. Their lips still crushed against the other and their hips grinding their hands and erections against the other in an almost painful fashion. Moan's turned hoarse as they writhed against the other, both wanting to just give into the building emotion, but neither wanting to end it for the other. Eventually neither had a choice to continue as they collapsed into their organisms. Cocks twitched as they shivered, warmed red liquid coated their stomachs and thighs, and the sofa under them was most likely ruined now.

Grinning lightly against his twins lips, Acestes was the first move, sitting up slowly and lifting his hand. Admetus watched through dropped eyes as the twin slowly cleaned his hand of their juices, and he found himself almost enchanted with each lick that slid around the black claws. "That…. Was delicious…" Acestes murmured around a finger tip, before letting the cleaned hand slid down his twin's chest and slide through their mess. Leaning down, he followed the finger, and set about lapping up the red substance. Earning a whimpered moan from his twin as his tongue slid over his smooth abdomen. His tongue traced the smooth muscles in his stomach before growing curious to the once again hardened erection of his brother. His mouth trailed lower, and his tongue ghosted over the throbbing head. He glanced up the length of his brother's body as he licked at it again, drawing the same reaction and moans. Quite taken by the parted lips and shuttered breath, he tested the thought of sliding his tongue over it drawing a lick along the underside of his cock and felt himself growing harder at the loud groans. His lips surrounded the tip, and he slowly slipped his mouth down around it. Nearly choking when his brother arched up into him with a soft cry as his fangs scratched him. Relaxing his throat as his hands gripped his brother's hips to keep his stationary on pure instinct. Curling his tongue around organ, and it took little time before he had his twin pleading and writhe under him again. The loud whimpers and moans were so different from his twin's usual quite demeanour, and Acestes found himself growing fond of the voice screaming his name…

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