A/N: Alright, another song. This one takes a more bitter turn. It's about people not seeing you for who you are, and using it as an excuse not to like you. This actually has nothing to do with me, I just see it way too often. It's hard to stay unique when no one else is.


So you, can't take, me anymore...
I've tried, to say this all before!

The tension keeps mounting,
The rage keeps building!
There's nothing I can do,
For you!

Stand back as this erupts!
Look down, as I fall for you!
(Fall again!)
Don't, try and comfort me!
(Get fucked!)
Don't say you'll die for me,
You won't!

And you'll keep on smilin',
When mountains I've been climbin',
Keep fucking, falling down,
So fast!

I can't be what isn't me!
(Not me!)
You can't love what you don't see!
(Never see!)
Can't do what you want to!
(Don't lie!)
When I said, I'd die for you,
I would!

So far, I'm fine!
Too late, to find out!
You never knew,
It's not true!
It's not me, it's not me,
It's fuckin' you!

Get back as I erupt!
Look up, it's raining just for you!
(It pours!)
You tried to comfort me!
(You tried!)
You don't know who you've been talking to!
No more!

Don't tell me so,
I've told you no!
Nothing I have done,
Will ever rise above!
No one left to tell,
Why don't you go to hell?
No longer never me,
Fuck you!

A/N: So this is a nice little tidbit I spent a whole day on. It's not about me, but I guess it could be a related to certain parts. I've seen it happen; people reject you because they don't who you are. It's ridiculous and it's twisted. Anyways, drop me your thoughts.