A/N: When I get writer's block real bad, I challenge myself to write a short piece of 99 words. I've decided I'm going to start uploading the ones I like as I write them as chapters. Each piece is based around a single concept/word that just springs to mind and then I build up around it. The category will remain as general for obvious reasons, but I will state before each piece what I think it should be. Yes, the rating is bound to go up at some point but hey. I'll stop rambling now and let you read.

Concept/Word: Itch

Category: Angst

Number of attempts: Two

Date written: 11th January 2007



Sometimes an itch is in too hard a place to scratch, or sometimes it's an itch you just don't want to scratch. Maybe, just maybe, it's because it feels so darn good. Sometimes the idea of scratching that itch, scratching that impurity from your skin is like ripping away a part of your soul. It may be a part that irritates you, hell, you may even hate it, but it's a part of you and sometimes it's the part that you ironically and painfully depend on most. That's how I see it, and that's how it was with us.

I hope that made as much sense as possible, and reviews, as always are appreciated.

--Even Gods Dream, 2007