Inspired to my shoes (drawn on in blue pen and full of holes already) and the standard form of a parabola.

Note; when the a word appears in parenthesis by itself (ie, (equals)), it means I had a symbol there (ie, the equals sign). Similarly, (squared) means the phrase ahead of it should have had a 2 above it and (subscript) means the number should be below the letter. FictionPress does not have support for these functions, so they disappeared when I uploaded.

The Wandering Prophet Returns

logically speaking,
you don't exist.

well, really you do, but
in terms of
the universe,
you don't.

You Are Here
is a mere speck
on the map
and no one really cares
if you are here or if you are suddenly
and that is why shoes are important.

echoes 'round as the people exclaim
in joyous revelation
and utter confusion.
... what?


for this concept is far too complex for mere human minds.
unless, of course, it's simplified
down to y (equals) ax(squared) + bx + c
'cause logic rolls like a parabola,
stemming at the origin and going off
on one of two paths
(one positive, one negative, both still symmetrical),
following reverse logic to reflect over the line of symmetry
and carry on in a parallel universe
(same y, different x).
and I know it hasn't sunk in,
and perhaps it never will,
but I will tell you of logic and shoes until a hyperbola touches its asymptotes
(you better buckle down for the long run).

shoes follow logic.

much in the same way a car will logically break down, so do shoes.
and we must remember that logic can be finicky
and to never fall into that trap of
false deception where the answer is looking you straight in the face
but it's not
(like the slope of x (equals) 4:

and that's how logic sometimes is,
poking your shoulder and running away every time you
turn around.

shoes act in much the same way.
they wear down like the variables of logic,
the shiny veneer of newness stripped away as if combining like terms
and worn laces hanging on by a thread
like square terms and variables
(shouldn't be there, but are nonetheless).
your T(subscript)3, -2 is like the soul
and your sole is full of holes
and the logic is flawed
and the graph of y + 2 (equals) (x + 3)(squared) is still a

and aren't parabolas like shoes
when you apply the transitive property
(since a (equals) b and b (equals) c, a (equals) c)?
that brings us back to shoes like logic,
the logical breakdown, repair,
breakdown, repair,
breakdown, toss,
shopping trip that runs its course daily.

the holes in the soles
are the whole of your soul
is the logical breakdown of shoes
and I am willing to confess

I lost myself at "logically speaking."

a roll of the eyes and a shake of the head,
the good reader just nods and prods
get on with it already!
in that slightly condescending tone that indicates
been there, done that, got the t-shirt.

and I get caught up in the words
and trip.
but I'm back on my feet,
and you'd better beware,
'cause the prophet is coming
and the storm is a-brewing.

shoes are like logic
because both follow a set pattern.
sometimes it doesn't make sense
and sometimes they don't follow the rules quite right,
but it always comes out to the same answer
like clockwork.

breakdown, repair,
breakdown, repair,
breakdown, toss,
shopping trip.

to the tremulous applause of the audience in awe,
I bow and walk away from the stage,
having saved the performance,
yet again,
just in the nick of time.