Desire is a wanting girl
She wants so much
Doesn't realize
She has so much
Doesn't notice
Everyone wants her
Wants the sway of her hips
Wants the pink of her lips
Wants her chocolate eyes
Her shining hair
But all she thinks about is
Blue and gold
"Sister Greed," she says,
"Don't take for granted."
If she only listened, and
Took a look at herself
She thinks she so different
From he sister
So much more aware
Of the world
But they are sisters,
They share the same blood.
Desire is a blind girl
She gazes at her dreams
But her friend Destiny
Doesn't always agree
Doesn't always say
That what she wants is
The way things should be
She likes to get in the way.
Desire doesn't stop.
She ignores Destiny's words
She just keeps on staring
At the new model of phone
When she hasn't even
Added her friends to the
Phone book of the one
She got last week.
Trying the new diet
When zeros are starting
To look baggy, and
Nobody sells XXS
Wanting the new styles
When she has so many
One-time outfits
Gathering dust in her closet.