By: Jana Rodes

I have graced the land

And you the ocean

Our worlds

To far apart to count

The endless green, brown and black

My world

The bountiful blues, yellows and greens

Your world

How did our paths cross?

In a world like that

No clue

Tell me. Do you miss it?

Your world above my own life?

No. Never.

Do you wish you were up there?

No chance.

Do you really want me?

I don't understand

Your question

Me? Only when you don't know

Have faith in me, I will show you,

The wonder

The world you have chosen to be

With me.

Now swim.

The waves grew stronger and more violent as the storm rolled in off the west coast. A long, dark, blue fin sliced through the salt water far from the surface. The water was much calmer at the bottom then at the top. Aro cast his gaze upward to see the off white metal of a small ship. It was heading back to the port trying to escape the claim the sea and ocean had on some many other ships before it. The male knew that it would make it. Judging by the fish were acting around him the storm was about fifty feet away. The small vessel had enough time to make it to the docks.

Aro watched as the ship made it to the docks and latched them onto the wooden planks that served as the dock. The male shook his head. Humans had a way with things. The miss used some many things that his own kind could use for many things. Like a shell, a human used them to hear the ocean that was right in front of them or to set on display. His people used them for things like combing their hair out to collecting things. They could be broken properly and used as jewelry for the women and children. Though, even some of the guards had shells of different colors and shapes to show their ranking.

Aro whipped his powerful tail around the other way and swam back out of the bay and back into the large sea that lead to the ocean. He looked around him. The fish were far and few between. The storm was almost upon him. He made a sharp turn and headed to an underwater cave where he could stay till most of the storm had passed over. After it was gone he would head back out to his home. He needed to head back to his mother to help her out taking care of his younger siblings which he'd skipped out watching today to go explore. But what could you expect from a fifteen-year-old merboy, who was almost a merman.
The male's dark blue fin caused the water around him to part as he swam closer to the cave. He ducked under the low hanging rock ledge and into the hidden cave. Aro broke the surface of the water and looked around. The water in here was calm compared to the storm outside. Which was quite good for him. He swam over to a stone hanging and pulled himself out of the salt water.

Aro ran a ran through his aqua colored hair making sure the scales on the outer part of his forearm didn't get caught in the mess. His mother would see to it that his medium length hair was combed out with a sharpened shell. Not like he was going to let anyone other then his mother touch his hair. Not after his seven-year-old sister pulled the shell through his hair to fast and not only managed to pull out a fistful of hair but also rake the shell down his toned back. The merboy shivered as he relived that pain. He knew if he looked in one of the mirrors that they housed from a sunken ship he would see light scars from it. He never trusted his little sister with anything sharp after that. No, he didn't even let his brother come near him with anything sharp let alone his sister. That was purely out of the question.

Aro leaned back onto a small rock and closed his eyes. He knew that breathing above water was harder on his people then on humans, but he didn't care. It was better then breathing through the water that the storm brought in. It was worse. Every merperson would agree on that. Storms brought in all sorts of smells and tastes that humans left behind in their wake. The male smacked his fin up and down in the water out of boredom. He hated storms almost as much as he hated having his hair combed out with a sharpened shell.

It seemed like hours later when Aro slipped back into the salt water. The scales on his tail and on the ones protruding from his arms rejoiced having not gotten moisture in a while. The male dived under the water and out of the cave and back into the calming sea. The storm had passed and was on human soil now. Aro looked around at the fish that had returned to their normal activities they had been doing before the storm came through. The merboy pumped his tail faster making the fish around him scatter into the depths of the wide sea around him back into the ocean.

Aro raced on. His mother must have been worried sick. It wasn't everyday her oldest son went out in the worse storm in months to explore around humans. Yes, humans no less. His mother hated his fanaticism with the land walkers. Aro was different from the other merfolk around him. There were others like him but they didn't tell about the things they wanted to know from the two legers like the older merboy did. He was the most vocal of them all. Sometimes he knew his mother was ashamed that he was her son. But he was proud. He didn't listen to the things that the merpeople said behind his back. Things like if he pissed the king off to bad he would end up with legs and be cursed to walk the land like the people he carved so much. Forced to forget the sea and his tail.