Sumomo and Megumi are just two ordinary girls. Well, that is to say that they go to high school everyday, save for the weekends. They party with their friends in karaoke bars. And they both fall for the wrong boys all the time. Oh, and did I forget to mention that Sumomo is a vampire?

"Me-gu-mi-chaaaan!" Sumomo screamed, pronouncing every character in her best friend's name separately as she waited, somewhat impatiently, for her to come out of her house. Sumomo huffed, her long golden brown hair falling to her sides, just stopping a few inches before her waist. "If you're not out of that house in five seconds!" she screamed up towards Megumi's window, her hands cupping around her mouth in an attempt to be louder.

Megumi groaned as she turned over in her bed. She opened one eye in the direction of the racket she heard. "Sumomo?" she questioned in a craggily I-just-woke-up voice and, as if her friend had super hearing, she heard a reply.

"Are you even awake?!" came the shrill, glass-breaking sound that could only be Sumomo's voice. Megumi moaned and pulled the covers over her head. She was not going to school today.

Suddenly, Megumi was jostled out of the bed by a pair of hands with nails decorated in five shades of pink, with those little shiny diamonds embedded in them. sigh Sorry, got carried away there.

"Megumi, wake up! We're going to be late!" Sumomo screamed at her best friend, pulling on Megumi's short, dark brown hair.

"I am not waking up and you can't make me," Megumi rolled over again and buried herself in her red comforter.

"But we have a test today," Sumomo whined.

No response.

"And you promised you'd make me onigiri for lunch."

No response.

"And Hino Kentaro-san is giving his presentation of the fashion of Paris-" before Sumomo could even get Kentaro's entire name out of her mouth, Megumi was on the move. And, in less than five seconds, Megumi was ready for school, uniform, teeth brushed and all. "How do you do that?" Sumomo asked, awed.

"What about Ken-san?" Megumi skipped out of the room, leaving a very dazed and confused Sumomo.

"Um…" Sumomo stood there for a second. "Hey!" she ran after Megumi and gracefully descended down the stairs.

"Geez, slow poke, speed it up!" Megumi laughed and ran down the street in the direction of Takasaki High School. She turned around to laugh at Sumomo, but she wasn't there anymore. "Sumomo-chan?" she questioned, looking around. Then she turned back to where she was headed before and Sumomo was about three blocks ahead of her. "How do you do that?!" Megumi yelled after her and Sumomo just chortled and ran to school.

"Late again!" Oshima-sensei scolded the two girls. "How is it that you two have more tardies than the rest of the school combined?" The girls hung their heads low. "Now, as punishment, I want you to wash the chalkboards, with soap," she added that last part and both girls groaned. Adding soap meant that you had to wash them twice, once with soap and then once with water or the soap would dry and, you know the rest.

"But Sensei!" Sumomo, complained, "It was all Megumi's fault, she was the one who made us late." Megumi huffed.

"Well, you could have left me, you know!" she countered.

"Yeah, if I left you, you'd never come to school, ever!" Sumomo spat.

"I don't need you to wake me up, I'm capable of that one my own!" Megumi growled.

"Girls!" Oshima-sensei pulled the two apart before someone lost an eye. "That is enough! I want to see both you," she glared at each one, "both of you in this classroom during your lunch hour and I don't want you to leave until the chalkboards shine."

"Yes, Sensei," they said in unison.

Sumomo and Megumi were really normal girls. They were best friends who had been so since they were in kindergarten and Megumi stopped a big kid from pulling on Sumomo's pigtails. Ever since, they were the best of friends.

"Hey, dork face!" Sumomo yelled and, as a natural reaction, Megumi looked over, only to get a soggy sponge to the face.

"Why you…!!" Megumi threw a sopping wet sponge right back.

Okay, so they fight a lot. Relationships aren't all perfect, you know. Not to mention, Megumi has been making fun of Sumomo a lot as of late. Megumi is about average height for an eighteen-year-old girl. That is, around five-foot four or so, but Sumomo barely reaches five feet at all. Sumomo used to tease Megumi, about two years ago, because she got pretty big boobs, for a sixteen-year-old anyway, overnight, it seemed. They were starting to even out, but Sumomo was still short and Megumi finally had her chance to make fun of her.

"Geez, jerk, I was just passing it to you," Sumomo lied.

"Listen, shorty, I don't want to do this anymore than you do, so let's just get it done, okay?" Megumi fumed.

"Fine, I'll take this board," Sumomo started cleaning the board on the west wall while Megumi took the board on the south. Megumi gave Sumomo a challenging look and suddenly they were scrubbing faster and faster. It was a real race now. Of course, Sumomo won, being the fastest at everything; which is funny because up until about two years ago, she couldn't do anything without falling all over herself and taking half a dozen people with her.

Sumomo smiled in victory. Then she noticed that Megumi was crying. "Megumi-chan!" she yelled and ran over to her friend. "Are you okay? I know I beat you pretty bad, but I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" it was then that Sumomo noticed a particular smell that she was very accustomed to, well, outside of the classroom, at least.

Megumi held up over finger, "I cut myself on a nail, it was sticking out of the wall," she sobbed and she had a chance to sniffle, her finger was wrapped by Sumomo's warm lips. Megumi just stared straight at her best friend, this was something she was not accustomed to. Finally, she collected herself and blushed profusely. "Sumomo-chan!"

Sumomo took her finger out of her mouth slowly and licked her lips. "All better," she smiled and Megumi noticed that, not only was the blood gone, but her cut was healed. Realizing what she had done, Sumomo blushed and ran, more like flew, back to her respective chalkboard. "S-sorry," she managed and put her sponge and bucket away in one of the cabinets. Before Megumi could get a word in, edgewise, Sumomo was gone.

"How did she," Megumi looked at her finger and blushed. "Well, at least, with that rival gone, I can go find Kentaro now," she snickered and walked off. That girl…

"Ken-san!" Megumi jumped onto his back and he nearly fell over. "How are you? Sorry I missed lunch, I was busy cleaning the chalkboards with that airhead, Sumomo," she giggled.

"Ah, Hisui-san, not a problem," he grinned at her. "Where is Chimeshi-san now?" Megumi suddenly got angry.

(AN: "Hisui" is Japanese for "Jade" and "Chimeshi" is a mix of "blood" and "food")

"Why do you care where she is?!" she yelled and then calmed down, "Don't you want to see me?" she did her best attempt at flirting.

"Of course, I want to see you," he began and Megumi beamed, "I just wish we had more volunteers," her face fell.

"Oh, for your Paris fashion trip?" she smiled.

"Um, I went to Paris to try and stop people for killing animals for fur coats," he raised an eyebrow.

"Oh, yes, of course," Megumi blushed. "Those poor animals!"

"You feel the same way?" Kentaro grabbed her hand and stared into her eyes. "I'm so glad," he smiled. Then he realized that he was a little too close and he blushed and backed away. "Sorry about that," he turned even redder.

"T-that's o-okay," Megumi's blush rivaled his.

"Ken-ta-ro-san!" Sumomo ran up yelling in her trademark style. "I hope I didn't miss making the posters," she smiled and turned to Megumi. "Megumi-chan, have we started?" Megumi just blushed and walked off. "What's wrong with her?" she asked Kentaro.

"Um, we…uh…" he blushed and Sumomo jumped to conclusions.

"In the hallway? Wow! A love affair!" Sumomo was already falsifying truths before Kentaro had a chance to stop her. Of course, Megumi wasn't blushing about her incident with Kentaro. Megumi was blushing at the memory of her best friend of thirteen years sucking on her finger.

"How mortifying!" Megumi screamed to herself as she walked down the hallway alone. "I mean, isn't that something a cute boy is supposed to do," she turned down a corner, "and then he says 'are you alright, my dear?' and flowers appear around my head?" she turned another corner. "Isn't that it?" suddenly she looked around. This hallway was dark and unfamiliar. "Oh," she began and started to turn around, but when she did, she came face to face with a boy about eight inches taller than her.

"Hello, kitten," he said in a mocking, yet sickeningly sweet tone. "Are you lost?" he almost purred. She couldn't look away from his garnet eyes, so dark, almost like blood.

"I-I," she began, but couldn't finish.

"I guess, if everyone is out on break," he slowly drew closer, "no one will know that you're missing, am I right?" he placed one hand and on her neck and the other on her waist. The too familiar touch woke her up from her reverie and Megumi started to back up, only to find that she was right up against some lockers. "No where to go, kitten," he purred as he leaned in to nuzzle her neck.

"You won't get away with this, rape is a serious offense," Megumi began, but the stranger just laughed, his inky black hair beginning to fall in his eyes from the shaking.

"Oh, my dear, it isn't that part of your body I'm after," he smiled, showing off some seriously sharp incisors. He leaned forward and breathed on her neck, making her shiver. "This, right here, is what I want," he stuck his tongue out and sensually licked her pulse point. And just as he was about to make her his, he received what would have been a fatal blow, had he been human, right to his temple.

"Don't you dare touch her!" Sumomo screamed as she kicked the boy in the side of the head. "Megumi-chan," she turned to her friend, "are you alright?" Megumi couldn't find the words, but nodded her head slowly. The boy started to get up and Sumomo punched him in the jaw. "You know the rules!" she shouted. "Damn it, Shikon, you know the rules!"

"But she was all alone," he whimpered, holding his jaw.

"So it's alright to just start killing them in public places?!" Sumomo screamed and he just hung his head in defeat. Megumi, though in a fear-induced stupor, did notice that Sumomo say 'them' and not 'us.'

"Sumomo-chan are you…" Megumi began and both Sumomo and Shikon looked at her. "…a vampire?"

To be continued.