A/N: I wrote this essay for my I-search in 8th grade, about World War II. I don't know why i'm submitting it, but I just am. Lol. My friend liked the essay, for some reason, so I guess that's probably why. The prompt was 'What you know, assume and imagine' about your I-search topic. It was the first step of the I-search, and yeah. Lol, in the end, I got a 5+ on my I-search, because I decided not to watch a movie for my observation (I considered it, but I thought she wouldn't accept it) I got pissed off, but oh well I hope the essay's ok, and not tooo boring.

Imagine yourself living in a time when a single war had changed the entire world, your entire world. Can you

imagine being in a position in where so many people you know in your life had went to an entire new place and left

you behind to pray for them? What happens when you finally realize that when he left for war, that was the last time

you were ever going to see him? What happens when you have cried so many tears that there are no more tears to

cry? Can you put yourself in that position? I know that I would not be able to, but I would like to know more about it.

How did this war affect people in such a way that the United States went into a state of economical disaster? There

are many unanswered questions about this war that I would like to know more about, but the main question I have in

mind is, "How did World War II affect the average American life"?

I have heard so much about World War II and how it effected us, but I would like to go into more detail about

that. I want to know how it affected regular citizens like you and me during a time of tragedy. What was going

through their minds when they found out their father or brothers were not going to be back home for Christmas?

How did they react when they saw the car driving towards their house, getting their hopes up, and finally realizing

that their beloved was not there and in his place was an American flag? I visited Pearl Harbor around four or five

years ago and saw the memorial for World War II. I saw the names of the many lives who fought there and I am

positive there are still many names who valiantly fought. This encouraged me to do this topic, but I should say they

encouraged me to do this topic. The people who risked their lives for their country, for the people, for themselves. I

find myself thinking that I did this topic to repay them. Although it is not that big of a thank you, it makes me feel

better knowing about what happened, despite the tragedies. I feel that I should know about this war, as if it were a

message to the future generations not make the same mistakes as them.

I do not know a lot about life after World War II, but I know some events that occurred during the war. I know

that life was very difficult before, during and after the war. Before the war had happened, the Great Depression was

taking place. It was a time in which the United States was going through an economical disaster that was one of the

causes of World War II. I also know that during World War II, the atomic bomb had been developed, killing an

unbelievable number of lives.

I believe that life after World War II is probably difficult as well because wars use up a lot of money and there

would most likely be more financial problems during that time. Although many families and friends are getting

reunited, some are not and still mourning over lost ones. The soldiers who came back from war probably cannot

sleep at night because they could still hear themselves being on the battlefield and still remember the sight of when

their comrade's legs blew off or someone screaming out in agony after they lost their arm. Many would suffer from

diseases or be traumatized for life.

I imagine that life after World War II, to think positively, like a new start. Although many beloved ones were lost

during the war, it could be thought of as a time of new opportunities or of new changes. It could be a time when

people realize that there is something they need to do with their lives and that the war was a lesson to us all.

Soldiers of the war would come back to their family and tell them happy stories and experiences of when they were at

encampment. What they were thinking in their head when they fought the world.

I would like to know more about those experiences. Those stories that they tell their family are the stories that

I want to hear more about. The stories that could change everyone's lives but do not have a chance of being heard

because no one even cares to listen anymore, or so it seems. Everyone is busy with their lives that they forget the

important wars that occurred during the generation before them. I want to know more about it so I could tell my

beloved ones of a war that should have changed everyone. I want to be able to tell a story to others so the pages of

that story can be kept deep in their hearts. I want to be able to listen to the story that will not be available in the

future. So because of this war, America has changed. I want to know, how? How did World War II economically affect

us? How did the war personally affect the soldiers who fought during that time? I want to listen to their story.