New story, another supernatural shortie. Read and Review Please!

Summary: I live in Hell. Well, I used to. Now I live in hell. Or as Michael keeps calling it, Memphis Tennessee.


I live in Hell.


That wasn't some metaphor meaning I live with two overprotective parents in a middle class suburb of Everytown, USA. I really live in Hell. The harbor for all souls tainted by the pleasures of the flesh. Torture Central. Pains'R'Us. The fiery pit of doom. OK, that last part only applies to the Southside but you get the idea.

It's not as bad as I'm making it out to seem although I may be biased seeing as how I was the spawn of Satan.


That wasn't another one of those elusive double meaning phrases. The Ruler of All Evil, the Great Tempter, Beezlebub, The Fallen Angel, was my father. Although we don't call him that last one because he gets a bit pissy about that whole losing to God thing. What can I say, Dad's a sore loser.

You may be asking yourself, 'what idiot would be stupid enough to have Satan's children?' And the answer to that would be a lot of idiots. And I do mean a lot. The spawns of Satan practically litter Hell. Dad's had to add a whole nother wing to the Palace in order to fit us all.

I liked to think I was special, more important than my many many half brothers and sisters, and I actually did have a couple very good reasons to think that. For one, my mother was human, which really wasn't that special but the fact that she got into Heaven even after having an affair with Satan was. The only group of people more numerous in Hell than Satan's children were Satan's lovers. And for two, my twin brother was Dad's right hand man. Famous by association, I guess.

But other than that, I wasn't different. Certainly no one tried to make me feel important. This was Hell, that wasn't done here. No one helped their neighbor, that was for those pansies in Heaven. The only person I could trust in this place was myself. And Tyr.


But back to my inferiority complex, I wasn't different. Wasn't special. Wasn't anything but Bastard Child #667, First Female Spawn of His Lordship Lucifer and Weilew, The Lost One.

But I prefer Siv.


Every once in a while my muse becomes distracted by these heaven/hell supernatural stories. This one is a short one like Searching but that's where the similarities end. If you would be so kind as to tell me what you think of it, I would be eternally grateful. Or at least really happy that someone is reading it.