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Chapter Twelve: Enough

I live in Paradise.

Okay, not really.

As if I could ever get into Heaven. As if I'd ever want to.

But damn if this island wasn't close. Hot sun, deserted sandy beaches, clear blue water, and an unlimited number of fruity beverages thanks to an alcohol shack on the edge of the beach line. The differences were too minute for a destroyer of worlds such as myself to see.

Yes, I was a destroyer of worlds. It had taken me some time and a lot of sleepless nights but I had come to terms with my fate. And in the end I had decided that, while I had the capacity to destroy worlds, I was more than that. I was not Bastard Child #666, First Child and First Female Spawn of His Lordship Lucifer and Weilew, The Lost One. I wasn't a nameless tool for my father to use to get his revenge. I wasn't my twin brother's shadow. I'd had to give up everything that I knew and start my one thousand and thirty two year old life over to learn that I wasn't unimportant. That I was different from my many half siblings. But not because of my destiny. I was different because I did not lose control and chose to be more.

So who was I?

I was Siv, owner of a small island and a self proclaimed panini addict. I had a quarter demon brother that popped in at regular intervals to update me on things I didn't particularly care about and an archangel pansy boy and his son that I didn't particularly like but didn't particularly hate either.

And that was more than enough.

The End

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