i'm falling apart again
my seams are ripping
i think i might be lost.

yes, i told you i wasn't
and at the time, it was true
but i managed to take a wrong turn somewhere
and now i'm… here.

and i want to tell you everything about her
this girl i've met
she's my new everything
but i can't.

so i'm falling apart again
my seams are almost all gone
i'm pretty sure i'm lost now.

there's so much i have to say to you
that i think i'm in love
that i need can't decide what color to dye my hair
that i really and truly need you right now.

but you have homework
and you have a chem. lab
and you have a very important conversation going on
with your ex.

and now i've fallen apart
my seams are gone
i'm lost

all i want is for you to help me.