Major Malich's Office, New Pentagon

Friday, December 3rd, 2009

"Lt. Bradge, you were there at the Luisville incident, correct?"

"Yes, Sir," Bradge replied.

"Then tell us, in your own words, how the event that started the Great War went down."

Luisville, Nevada

Monday, April 19th, 2007

Jake Bradge woke up with a start as an explosion rocked his house. He reached in his bedside table, grabbed his gun, then ran to the window to see what was going on. He gasped when he saw the entire west side of the City on fire. He backed away from the window as another explosion rocked the house as another part of the city lit up. He glanced at the sky and stared in shock. There, in the wake of maybe 25 planes, was a couple hundred parachutes with men gently floating down to the ground. Looking closer, he could see they were armed with rifles, automatic rifles from the looks of it.

He knew what he had to do. He opened his closet door and ripped down the handle, opening the hatch down into the Luisville Weapons Facility hidden beneath the entire city of Luisville. He hurried up and ran to get his 14 year old daughter, Isabella.

"Iz, wake up, its an emergency!," He shouted as he shook her awake.

He grabbed her sports duffle bag and, after emptying it of all the sports equipment, started shoving her clothes into it.

"Whats goin' on dad?" she sleepily asked.

"Just get your "girl things" and come on."

He left her in her room as she got out of her bed and started to change her pajamas into some regular clothes.

Jake got his keys from his computer desk and unlocked his trunk at the foot of his bed. Once it was unlocked, he reached in and took out an M-16 and 4 clips. Slamming the clips into the rifle, he ran back to his daughters room and grabbed her just as she was leaving it.

Pulling her back to his room, he shoved her in the direction of the Hatch.

"Down the ladder, quick," He quickly said to her.

She stumbled towards the hatch and started climbing down it, just as they heard thier door downstairs being kicked in.

Jake stuck his head out of his door and was shocked to already see a person running around the corner. He aimed his rifle at the person and fired one shot. The person fell down, a hole in his head.

"Quickly, quickly," He urged Isabella.

She started going down the ladder as fast as she could as he started shooting down the hallway, taking out as many people as he could. Isabella reached the button and shouted up at her dad, "I'm at the buttom dad, hurry up!"

"I'm coming hold on," he shouted back.

He ran to the hatch and slid down the ladder by holding onto only the sides of the ladder. He grunted as he hit the bottom. He pushed her in front of him as they started running down the tunnel towards a large blast door. As soon as they got past the door, Jake hit a button as he swiped a keycard and the Blast door started to close. Just before the blast door closed, they could see 4 people jump down the hatch and start firing towards them and the closing blast door.

They heard a click behind them and turned around. Behind them were 10 men all dressed in camoflauge. They all had a helmet on thier head saying "MP", signifying that they were Military Police.

"Relax guys, I'm a weapon tester," Jake said as he showed them his badge.

They relaxed and let them pass.

They went through 4 more blast doors, merging with even larger groups of people untill they reached a giatn, atrium like room where there was even a receptionists desk and a set fo windows. The views out of the windows were obviously simulated as they were a couple hundred feet underground.

Everyone went silent as they heard shots coming from where the blast doors were lcoated, then they head an explosion. A team of about 30 more MP's ran towards where the shots and explosion was heard. This time they were armed with heavier armaments; Fully automatic M-29A's and M-29B's.

As soon as they were out of the room everyone started moving towards the entrance doors for the actual Weapons Facility. Half the people were through the doors when they started to slowly close. People started to panic and push through the doors. As a result, people were pushed down and trampled upon.

Suddenly, people in black army gear started swarming into the room, shooting as they entered. Isabella screamed as she saw people around her, people she knew being gunned down by the people in black army gear.

Jake and a few others who were armed did an immediate about face and opened up on the enemy, but there were to many and eventually they started shooting down the defenders one by one until it was only Jake and John. Jake glanced back to make sure everyone but him and John were left on the other side before sprinting through the door. He turned around, after making it through the doors, to signal John to get through when, suddenly, John got hit four times in the chest and one time in the shoulder and he went down.

Jake sadly sighed and hit the button to close the giant 8 foot think concrete door and the 12 foot think solid steel door. He watched them close then suddenly dropped down and fired the remains of his clip at what looked to be the leader. He let himself have a little satisfied smirk when he saw him go down.

He got back up and retreated back farther into the complex. As soon as he found his daughter he went to the nearest weapons testing area. He found the smallest weapon they had and started teaching her how to correctly use it.

"Hold the gun with the top of the gun aligned with the angle of your arm," he instructed.

She held it like that and he showed her a couple other tricks. When he felt confident enough that she wouldn't kill herself, him or anyone else who wandered in to watch them, he took her to the shooting range. She squeezed off a few rounds before he trusted her enough to let her shoot a fully automatic rifle.

Satisfied that she knew how to shoot a gun, he gave her a pistol along with 6 clips of ammo. When she inquired as to why he was giving her, a teenager, a gun and ammunition for it, he simply replied, "Just incase," and left it at that.

They left the weapons testing area and headed toward the main laboratory where the other had set up a sort of command area, with barricades blocking off all hallways and doors leading into the room. He looked at the makeshift defense and let a smirk grace his face.

He walked up to the senior commander of the MP's, who had miraculously survived the firefight and subsequent explosion at the first five blast doors, which was already being called the The First Battle of the War.

Just before he got there, however, a single shot was fired from a vent and hit the Senior Commander in the forehead. He was dead before anyone reached him. Soon, there were people crawling all through the vents looking for the shooter. Soon enough, they found him and executed him in the space of 10 minutes.

After that, all the vents that led into the complex were sealed permanently using explosives, except for 6 to keep air flowing in and out.

Jake and his daughter settled down in the command room and, with thier back supagainst the wall, fell asleep