3, 014. To some it is merely another of the infinite amount of numbers. 3, 014 hold so much more meaning, though. It's the number of American citizens who've lost their lives in Iraq since the start of the Iraqi War in 2003. 3, 014 families now are left to grieve, and that number is still growing! War brings such sorrows to people all over the world. Name one decade or century that hasn't had a war it in. One has to think long and hard to do so. War is part of the human species, and it is perhaps the worst part. War has been creating havoc for millenniums.

The silliest of disputes has lead to a war in the past, and even in the present. Whenever humans have a problem, we seem to get very angry and want to duke it out. In the end, hundreds, or maybe even thousands of people are left with shattered lives, and very few people even remember what the war was about in the first place. Even the so-called "victors" often find their homes and land ragged and in disarray. From the beginning of time to present day, the same destruction cycle has been happening because humans tend to think with their fists instead of their brains, destroying everything in their path. Whoever created us intended us to use our brain to think and solve our problems in the most efficient and non-violent way possible, and whoever created us intended us to use our fists and strength to till the land and pursue good, honest work. Yet, we have not all done that. War destroys lives and entire civilizations, but what would the world be like without war?

Just imagine a clean and beautiful city whose streets are lined not only with sharp, contemporary buildings but also beautifully preserved old homes and businesses that contain no scratches made by a bullet or a bayonet. Many young men and women go to the city college, for they are concerned with getting an education and the thought of joining an army right after high school is foreign to them, it's just something mentioned in their history books. Just imagine a world where grief comes far less often, for most everyone dies of natural causes at a ripe old age. No longer are young lives torn away in a spilt second by a speeding bullet or exploding bomb. Just imagine a time when such tragic deaths haven't happened in decades. Just imagine a boarder between two countries where there are no strong fences or tension, and the people of the separate countries have sat together more than once to dine at the table of brotherhood. Just imagine.

The famous general of the American Civil War, Robert E. Lee, once said, "What a cruel thing is war: to separate and destroy families and friends, and mar the purest joys and happiness God has granted us in this world; to fill our hearts with hatred instead of love for our neighbors, and to devastate the fair face of this beauty." I know that I am not the only one who agrees. Today, we must use our brain for thinking and our fist for tilling the land. Today, we must take a stand against the beast of war and take another step closer to the light of peace. Today, we must be ready to change our lives completely for the greater good. Only then, when we are without war, will we be able to call ourselves civilized.

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