She stays up late to watch commercials

Shaking from the caffeine

Hiding in obviousness

If you can't relate, just a c c e l e r a t e

The accidental anti-trend

Can't tolerate the things they say about her

(this isn't about Good and Evil. It never has been.

It's always been about Good Intentions and Bad Taste.)

So she shuts up and washes her hands

"Take it like a man and

for goodness sakes, smile for once."

Fixated on ambiguity

She's in the wrong place at the wrong time

Because she's not as lost as she looks

And no certificate is going to get her out

Of this perfect (h)(e)(l)(l)

(this isn't your world)

Something has to change

Obsessions never stay the same for long

Otherwise they'd be acceptable

Cigarettes and cough syrup

To cancel each other out

Like posers and denial

"If you ask her she'd shake her head no"

"If you're not…, then you're"

You won't believe what I saw on TV yesterday

Yes, she changed

Lost her voice eventually

My grandfather was left-handed,

but they hit him until he became right-handed

You only ever wear T-shirts…

You always slur my name when we talk.

Controversial Blockbuster!

"Why should we make accommodations for criminals?"