Author's Note: Finishing this story definitely put me in a bit of a happily-right-now. I never actually expected this work to be complete. There were too many plot threads that needed resolving. Too many minor characters to tie up. It took me a little while (several months in real time) to realize that wasn't what I wanted. Jig-saw-puzzle perfect endings have never really been my thing. Mostly because they're hard, but also because it's hard to re-open something that's been sealed up so tightly. I like to leave room at the end of all my stories (especially the happy ones) for a future. Maybe it's a sequel (which I haven't written yet), or maybe it's just an imaginary space for my characters to continue existing in. Either way, the future's where happiness lies.

Author's Note, Continued: Right. That was my literary ego-trip you just read. Here's the part of the author's note that matters: the dedications.

First and foremost, I dedicate this story to Gathering Crows. I promised to write her something. Then I broke my promise. Then I started work on it again. Then I broke my promise again. Here I am, several months late, keeping that promise.

Locus and Sabraeal, you've been directly responsible for some of the most interesting conversations about writing that I've ever been a part of. Some of them found their ways into this story.

Lccorp2, you still might not approve of my stories, but I'd like to think that you irritated me into writing better. Probably. I guess that's for you to judge.

SteelKitsune, I haven't read Peregrine yet, but I'm trying to atone for that by giving you an advertisement here.

Burnt Bread, your newsletter gives me an interesting monthly project to work on. It also ensures that I write semi-regularly. This is a good thing.

Awaking Kills the Dream, you're directly responsible for some of the longest reviews I've ever received. Thank you.

J.A. Murray and CoSaCo. You two need to write more.

Breana, you've probably reviewed me more than I deserve, but I always appreciate the critiques. Or self-confidence boosts.

Anyone who's put up with my long lack of reviews, but continues to read my stuff. Your patience is nothing short of inspirational.

Lastly, I'd like thank Katie for friendship and weird conversations. There's also a dedication to her in the author's note from "The Only God on the Windowsill." She hasn't noticed it yet. I wonder how many of these I can get away with…