Maple Street is a completely empty little street.

There is a small suburban town where the sun has never risen

As of May 25.

While machines torment Mr. Finchley,

Anne seems fine with her new "Grandma."

A three eyed man from one of Jupiter's moons

Serves breakfast to a three armed Martian

While Mr. Death negotiates business with a man called Lew.

That poor little jockey,

He only wanted to be taller.

Well, be careful what you wish for…

So many people are just a little girl's little doll,

Just a machine,

Just an idea.

So many things are or are not real,

Could or could not have happened,

I know for a fact that I do not exist at all.

You can go to Peeksvill, Ohio,

And meet sweet little Anthony,

Only six years old,

But don't think any bad thoughts

Or it's off to the cornfield with you!

You can see Sam,

A human,

In his natural habitat,

At the local Zoo.

So come on,

Take a stroll with me,

Through the Twilight Zone