As a child I stared in wonder

at a giant redwood.

Majestic, kingly in its right.

And I asked,

"How did it grow that big father?"

"The wish his father gave, for him to be extraordinary."

"And will I be extraordinary father?"

"Yes son, as long as you do your best."

I watched the king for a long time and,

Remembered promising, that

One day I would be a king too.

When I park my car today,

In front of a building,

Taller than any redwood

I will do my best,

To see that my cubicle functions


Because long ago, days after

My father died

I took that drive to, that

King of kings, majestic ruler

of things great and small

finding an extraordinary

parking lot, full of people

rushing towards a building

full of extraordinary things.