Summary- Katayanagi Nanashi was a freshman at Wakashito High School. With only a few of her friends from her junior high going there, she tries to survive the few people crushing on her, maintain her grades to B's and A's to stay on the tennis team, try to stop Shiryo from killing her fans, and ward off the advances and flirtings of Yuu Kitsune, the most popular guy at school, and her best friend (although she wouldn't admit it outloud), Ajibana Yuushi. Suddenly, junior high didn't seem so bad...

Rated- T

Genre- Drama, Romance, Humor

Warnings- Um, there's a lot.

A/N- This story is very loosely based on my life, since I'm a freshman and I do have a boy who has a crush on me. Anything else is pure fiction, aside from what I just said. I hope you'll enjoy. It won't be your average story...Okay. Maybe it can be...XD

Key- 'blah' is thoughts. blah is Nanashi talking as voice over. blah is writing.

Story of My Life

Prologue and Chapter One

(Voice over: A feminine voice talks boredly with a soft melody in background)

You may expect something cliche, but that's only because our lives are cliche. We experience it so many times and seen it so many times that, when it happens in the movies or books or any entertainment devices, we think it's cliche.

So, you might think my life is cliche if you're going to be reading this. But please don't let that stop you for you never know if you will like it or not.

You won't find happy endings (well, you maybe will) and shoujo bubbles everywhere.

This is high school, boys and girls.

And men and women.

So expect to see blushing girls, not-so-subtle crushing boys, homosexual people, bullying, screaming fangirls (and some fanboys), horny and perverted boys (and occasionally girls), flirting people, and unrequited love from a numerous of people.

My name is Katayanagi Nanashi and this is a story of my three years at Wakashito High School.

(Voice over and melody fades)



February 10, 2007; Girl's Tennis Courts, Wakashito Junior High School; Tokyo, Japan

A teenage girl looked at her letter with little to no expression on her face. Then, she slumped down a little on the green bench as she leaned back to look up at the clear blue sky. She closed her blue eyes and gave a big sigh.

Yes, this is me. The girl with the closed blue eyes and the light brown hair over here. Currently 14 years old. Birthday is on March 23, 1992. Nice to meet you.

High school letters had been sent and all the third-years knew which school they would go to once they graduate. She herself had gotten into Wakashito High, the sister school of the junior high she was in. While that wasn't bad, she had waited until the last minute to open it, meaning she opened it during her tennis practice and she knew where all her friends were going.

Only three of her friends were going to the same school as she. Nearly all of her other friends were going to the school where smart people usually go to; Tensaiko High School.

'This really sucks.' She cursed her luck. She hadn't apply to Tensaiko though, feeling she didn't want to go to a school that had very high expectations for you.

The girl felt something brush against her forehead and she slowly opened her eyes. Blinking a few times, she saw a pair of green eyes staring back at her with red hair falling down from the person. Nanashi gave a small smile before sitting back straight again as the person went to sit down next to her.

"Katayanagi-sempai, you seemed troubled." the red head said, a frown on her face.

"Don't worry about it, Haru-chan." Nanashi folded her letter and put it back in the envelope it had been in before dropping it in her tennis bag. "Shouldn't you be practicing?"

This girl's name is Haruguchi Hoshiyo. A second-year and also in the tennis club. She's my kouhai, meaning I take care of her. Nearly every third-year had one.

She shook her head. "Buchou told me to tell you that she wanted to talk to you."

Nanashi blinked, confused, but shrugged and stood up. She pat Haru-chan on the head before heading towards the girl who was standing by the gate and observing everyone's progress. She could hear Haru-chan protesting and telling her to not pat her on the head. "You called for me, Kuramochi-buchou?"

The taller girl looked at her. "Katayanagi-san, I heard you were going to Wakashito High."

I suppose I should introduce you to who Kuramochi-buchou is. Kuramochi Hiroe, a third-year at my junior high. Her presence commanded obedience to everyone around her and she had top grades (then again, I did too) so it had been a wonder why she hadn't gotten into Tensaiko instead.

Nanashi frowned at the black haired girl. Where did the tennis captain hear it from? "Yeah, why?"

The taller girl's piercing icy blue eyes made Nanashi suppress a shiver. Her captain's stoic personality made her feel uncomfortable around her presence. "There is no particular reason, other than the fact I shall be going there as well."

Nanashi suppressed her urge to hug her, settling with a small smile. It was a surprise the usually quiet captain had talked to her about such a small thing. Perhaps Kuramochi-buchou had heard that only a few of her friends were going to Wakashito and decided to tell her to reassure her that she wasn't alone? Whatever the reason was, Nanashi was glad her captain was going to be there. They were going to rule the girl's tennis club at high school as well. "Thanks for telling me, Kuramochi-buchou."

The taller girl nodded and Nanashi went back to where she had been previously, noting the look of confusion on Haru-chan's face. She only patted the younger girl on the head before taking out her racket and went to practice with the others. Maybe she could sneak off to where the boys were practicing. They were a lot of fun to play against, especially when she won.

'Let me see, how did that move go again...?'



March 4, 2007; Courtyard, Wakashito Junior High School; Tokyo, Japan

"I'm going to miss you so much, Nashi-chan!" Nanashi bit back a groan from the sudden impact of her friend's hug and struggled under the hug. She was used to this; Dayu loved hugging her. Actually, nearly all of her friends had this habit of hugging her.

"Dayu-kun, Nanashi-chan has to breathe, you know." A red head girl intervened by pulling the brown haired boy away from her. She shot a scolding look at the brunette boy. "You mustn't kill her."

The brunette boy laughed nervously as he scratched the back of his head sheepishly. "Sorry, Nashi-chan."

Nanashi only waved it off, not really caring. "It's fine. Used it by now."

Ayabito Dayu and Ayabito Aya. They're twins. While their hair colors aren't the same, their eyes were dark blue and that was the only way people knew they were twins, aside from their last names.

Arms wrapped around Nanashi's waist and a smooth voice came from behind her, making her shiver. "Isn't it great that we're going to the same school, Nashi-chan?"

Nanashi turned her head to meet dark violet eyes behind grey-rimmed glasses which belonged to a boy. "Yuushi."

Ajibana Yuushi. A genius and also very handsome. His voice has been described as sexy, making fangirls go crazy over him. A bit of a flirt and unfortunately, I'm usually at the receiver.

His dark blue hair tickled her nose and she swatted them away. The boy only gave a short laugh before setting his chin on her shoulder. "So do you know who else is going to Wakashito?"

Nanashi held up two fingers. "Shiryo and Momoko. Aside from you and I, there are only two more I know are going to Wakashito. Nearly all the others are going to Tensaiko."

Speaking of Shiryo, where was she? Didn't she say she would always be somewhere around her? So where is she!?

"Hm..." The sound vibrated from his throat and chin, causing Nanashi to feel it as well since Yuushi still hadn't lift his head up. Her shoulder was beginning to get sore from the weight. Add that to the fact that her bookbag was on that side, it was causing her to become tired really quickly. Her legs were going to give away... "Maybe I should have applied for Tensaiko too, but then I wouldn't be able to be with you that much..."

Nanashi tried to get the taller boy's arms off of her waist but he held on, even as he kept thinking outloud. Dayu pouted while Aya giggled as they both watched. Nanashi didn't get why they won't help her. Can't they tell she needed the help? It wasn't like she enjoyed Yuushi's daily flirting. It made his fanclub get jealous and want to kill her. Luckily, they couldn't since she was under the protection of her captain and nobody wanted to face the stoic girl's wrath.

Nanashi mentally thanked Kuramochi-buchou and went back to trying to get Yuushi off of her. The boy was now leaning against her and had his face buried at the crook of her neck in addition. It was making her blush and she didn't like blushing since it made her knees weak and her head dizzy. Why couldn't Yuushi do this to someone else?

It was beginning to affect her again, even though she had gotten over his flirting a long time ago.

At least, she thought so.



March 10, 2007; Hallway, Wakashito High School; Tokyo, Japan

Nanashi looked at her paper. Orientation wasn't until nine-thirty and it was only nine-fifteen. She played with the bottom of her blouse, bored out of her mind. She had been looking down on the ground before she accidently bumped into someone. Muttering a quick and quiet apology, she continued walking before someone grabbed her right arm. She stopped and turned her head around to see that the one who had grabbed her arm was a boy with orange colored hair and light brown eyes.

He looked at her and she looked back. Finally, Nanashi said as politely as she could, "Can you please let go of my arm?"

Brown orbs looked at his hand which still griped her arm and then flashed back at her blue ones before a smirk formed on his face. "You dropped something."

Nanashi blinked (she wondered why the boy looked like a predator and reminded her of how she met Yuushi) before noticing that the orange haired boy was holding onto her wallet. She took it back with her left hand and pulled her right arm away from the grip the other boy had on it. Stuffing her wallet back into her bag, she stormed off.

The boy's smirk only widen as his gaze went from head (and taking note of the choppy light brown hair that only reached to her shoulders) to the body (slim and curved) to her exposed legs (from wearing the school's plaided skirt). Running a hair through his hair, he continued walking to the direction he had been going to.

He had a mission to find out who that girl was.



March 10, 2007; Hallway near auditorium, Wakashito High School; Tokyo, Japan

Several meters away, Nanashi felt a sudden chill going down her spine and she wondered if it was really that cold. She wished she had worn the blazer, instead of the vest. Tugging on her tie, she continued on her way, hoping to find out where Shiryo and Momoko were. Hell, she was wishing she could find Yuushi, just so she wouldn't be alone.

She sighed and felt her phone vibrate in her skirt pocket (she had been amazed to find out that the school's skirts can have pockets). She reached in to pick it up and looked at the caller ID.

Yuushi-kun ::heart::

Nanashi blinked and wondered when did she change it from just plain 'Yuushi' to this. She flipped her cell open, beginning to think that someone had been messing with it again. The last time it happened, her ringtone had changed from Erabareshi Elite Syuudan (the beginning had reminded her a lot of the Phantom of the Opera, even though it came from an anime) to the theme song of Fruits Basket (which she no longer liked). "What is it?"

"Where are you, Nashi-chan?" She heard the boy asked in a relaxed tone. She had a visual of him leaning against a wall and smirking, causing fangirls to cheer and squeal.

Wait. She could hear the faint squealing and screaming on the other side. She rolled her eyes. His fanclub follows him everywhere.

She looked around to answer her friend's question and noticed she was near the auditorium which was near the school's lobby. "Outside the auditorium. Why?"

"No reason. Orientation begins in ten minutes so I was just wondering. Wait for me, 'kay?" Before Nanashi could give a reply, there was a click and Yuushi had hung up. She grumbled underneath her breath before shutting it close and putting it back in her pocket. She leaned against the wall, near the auditorium's double doors, and waited. She closed her eyes and relaxed as she crossed her arms.

"Nana!" She opened her eyes to spot two girls heading her way. One had black hair with brown eyes while the other had golden-brown hair and blue-green eyes. They stopped before her and the golden-brown haired girl instantly hugged her.

"Nya, Nana! I haven't seen you in so long!" she exclaimed. Nanashi couldn't get a word out because of how tight the girl was currently hugging her. However, the other girl quickly pulled hard on the back of the girl's blazer and therefore, saved Nanashi's life.

"You're killing her, Momoko." the black haired girl said plainly and bluntly. The dirty blonde only grinned sheepishly and wrapped her arms around Nanashi's right arm.

Oshiro Momoko and Fujio Shiryo. Two of my friends from when I was in grade school. Momoko's like my adopted daughter and Shiryo's my bodyguard. Which in turn causes Momoko to call me 'Nana' and Shiryo to call me Nanashi-san.

"Nya, Shiryo-chan. So uptight. No wonder you're stuck being Nana's bodyguard." she retorted.

It had been a joke, Shiryo being Nanashi's bodyguard. It happened when the black haired girl kicked a boy who wouldn't stop bothering Nanashi and kept hanging out with them. The brunette, having been too polite in her first-year at junior high, didn't say anything until she suddenly cried out when the boy had cornered her to the wall. Shiryo, who was never too far from the brunette, instantly came to her aid and kicked the boy. She had gotten a one-day suspension while the boy got a three-day suspension.

Momoko, who had saw all of it happen, joked about Shiryo being her bodyguard to their friends. The girl in question only shrugged at the comment and whacked away Yuushi's hand who had been making circles on Nanashi's thigh.

And thus, Shiryo officially became her bodyguard on that day.

Nanashi was thankful for having Shiryo as her guard and wouldn't accept anyone else for the position. The black haired girl was a black belt in karate and skilled in martial arts. It was no surprise, however, since her family ran a dojo.

"It's nearly time for orientation." Shiryo stated. "Are you coming?"

Nanashi nodded. "Almost. I have to wait for Yuushi."

Shiryo scowled at the mention of the blue haired boy. Nanashi blinked at the reaction but said nothing. Momoko was oblivious to it as she was turning her cellphone to vibrate. It was then when Yuushi appeared right next to the black haired girl. His lips twitched into a smile Nanashi had never saw on him before but it disappeared as quickly as it had come.

"Momoko, Nashi-chan...Shiryo-san." Yuushi greeted, his gaze on the black haired girl lingered longer than when he had been looking at the other two.

"Yuushi-san." Shiryo greeted with a nod of her head. Her lips were pinched in a thin line and there was a crease on her forehead.

The two of them hated each other. Don't ask me why because I have no idea.

Nanashi pulled on Yuushi's arm (Shiryo couldn't do anything, no matter how much she hated the boy, because Nanashi was the one who did it) so they were close together. Their hips bumped and she pulled on his tie so they were near eye-level. Nanashi leaned in to whisper in his ear, "Did you do something to my phone again?"

She could practically feel Yuushi's lips curved to a smirk (she couldn't see his face) before he answered in the same way she had spoken, "Of course not. What made you think that?"

Nanashi frowned and let go of his tie. The boy fixed it before giving an innocent smile at her. "Shall we go inside before we're late?"

Shiryo glared at him while Momoko remained oblivious and nodded excitedly. The dirty blonde led the way with Shiryo going after her. Her and Yuushi followed as the back, despite the warning bells in her head.

Nanashi didn't answer Momoko's question on why she was blushing so hard.

She didn't feel like explaining to the naive girl on what Yuushi had done to her. It would be too embarrassing and she had a feeling that Shiryo would kill him in the most painful way there was.