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Story of My Life

Chapter Five

March 14, 2007; Living Room, Katayanagi-Fujimara Residence; Tokyo, Japan

"Mom, get off!" Daichi whined as Kirei struggled to flatten his hair with a wet comb. Nanashi watched, amused, as she tied her tie.

"You know it's White Day," their mother remarked, finally surrendering to her son with a huff. "Don't you want to look nice for Youko-chan?"


Nanashi raised an eyebrow, curious and amused. "'Youko-chan', otouto? Do tell."

"Not gonna tell you anything," Daichi grumbled, grabbing his bag and storming off.

"Oh, don't mind him." Kirei then took the white ribbon that had been on the coffee table and began using it to tie Nanashi's hair in a short ponytail. "Youko-chan's a girl I saw him walking home with. Very adorable. Wavy brown hair and brown eyes. A tad bit shorter than Dai-chan. There, done."

Nanashi picked up her bag off the table, a small teasing grin on her face. "Oh, there's someone even shorter than otouto?"

"I'M NOT SHORT!" came the boy's frustrated yell from the genkan.

He really is short. Not even five feet.

And he's twelve.

He's in denial about it.

If you mention it in front of him, he won't hesitate to give you a piece of his mind. Like I've mentioned before, his kicks hurt.

"Right! You're not short at all!" Nanashi called back sarcastically. She then turned back to Kirei who was looking at her with a thoughtful expression. "Anything else, mom?"

"I wonder if he's going to give you something this year," she said to herself, tapping her chin.

The brunette blinked, confused. "Wha—?"

The woman shook her head and gestured for her to leave. "Go on, take Dai-chan to school before you two are late."

"We have fifteen more minutes," Nanashi pointed out but went to the genkan anyway; no use in arguing with her mom. There, Daichi was glaring at her and tapping his foot impatiently.

"Let's go! We're gonna be late," he snapped.

"Patience is a virtue, young one," Nanashi said, grinning. Grabbing his skateboard off the wall, the boy opened the door and the two walked out. Going to where she kept her bicycle, Nanashi unlocked the lock with a click and climbed aboard the bike. The two started off in the direction of their schools. They rode in silence before Nanashi heard him clear his throat. "What is it?"

"I need..." Daichi trailed off, as if wondering whether or not to tell her. He seemed to have decided not to since he then said, "Never mind."

Nanashi was curious, but she didn't push the subject; her brother's kicks really hurts.



March 14, 2007; Room C-1 (Homeroom), Wakashito High School; Tokyo, Japan

Nanashi barely took one step into the classroom before a loud "Nana!" was heard and she found herself being tackled to the ground by the dirty blonde. With a startled cry, the two fell to the floor. Nanashi held her head, trying to get the room to stop spinning around, while Momoko made no move to get up, unaware of her position on top of the brunette.

"Momoko," Nanashi began, with a forced smile; she couldn't breathe with the additional weight. "It's nice to see you too, but do you mind getting off?"

"It's White Day!" Momoko showed no signs that she heard her friend.

"So I've heard," Nanashi said dryly. "Now, would you please get off?"

Momoko blinked before registering that she was still on top of the other girl. Apologizing, the girl quickly got off of the taller friend and Nanashi stood up, taking deep breaths. She stretched her arms and gave her friend a quick look-over. The girl's hair was tied up in two ponytails with white hair ties. Momoko even took the liberty of wearing a white ribbon as a choker around her neck.

"You look nice," Nanashi commented as she went to take her seat.

"Thank you!" the blonde exclaimed happily with a bright smile. "So do you!"

Nanashi only laughed. "I look exactly how I look everyday, Momoko."

"Nuh uh~! You're wearing a white hair tie today!" the other pointed out with a slight pout.

She chuckled. "That's only a minor thing."

"I'm surprised you managed to tie your hair up." Nanashi resisted the urge to groan out loud at the sound of her best friend. She turned to glare at him, but he only gave her his customary smirk. "After all, your hair isn't exactly ideal for hair-tying, given how short it is."

"It's still long enough to be tied," Shiryo, who had appeared out of nowhere like she always did, defended. Nanashi shot her a thankful look before realizing something.

"Why are you and Momoko here?" she asked Shiryo. "You don't have this homeroom."

"We wanted to visit you before the bell rings," the blonde responded instead. It was to be expected since the black-haired girl never spoke unless needed.

I don't know why I bothered asking her that question. Maybe it was habit.

"Which would be in one minute." Momoko then found herself being led away by Shiryo. "It's time to go."

"Shiryo-chan! I can walk by myself!" With a huff, she then turned to smile brightly at Nanashi. "I'll see you later then!"

The brunette only laughed under her breath before waving good-bye and heading over to her seat. Stretching some more, she rested her cheek on her palm and waited for the teacher to come in. Yuushi, sliding quietly into the seat beside her, drummed his fingers on the table with no specific rhythm, clearly looking bored; Nanashi thought she heard some girls sigh, but dismissed it as her imagination.

Yes, I did that. It kept me sane. I didn't need to think about Yuushi's fangirls. It was bad enough that I had to repeatedly tell them that I wasn't his girlfriend.

"Stand!" yelled out the class representative. Sounds of chairs scrapping the floor filled the room as everyone stood up to greet their homeroom teacher.

"Ohayou gozaimasu, sensei!" they all echoed in unison.


"Ohayou gozaimasu," the teacher replied back, setting his things on his desk.

"Sit!" Chairs scrapped the ground as the students sat back down dutifully. Takahashi-sensei then cleared his throat and looked at his clipboard.

"So, attendance. Aizawa Minori."


"Ajibana Yuushi."

The blunet raised his hand. "Here, sensei."

"Akiyama Yuuki."


"Endou Kimiko."


"Fukumoto Taro."


"Katayanagi Nanashi."

She raised her hand half-heartedly for a second before putting it back down. "Here."

"Kiriyama Mizuno."

Since her name had been called, she stopped paying attention for a while, deciding to look out the window instead. She briefly entertained the thought of drawing something. However, she didn't know what to draw. Maybe a short comic? She could post it on her website. After all, she hadn't updated in a while, and her hit counter seemed to be steadily rising. Her 'fans' were probably wondering where she was. When was her last update, anyway?

A poke on her arm removed her from her thoughts and she turned to the one who did it. Yuushi gave her a smile and she wondered what he wanted this time.

"Have you finished daydreaming?" he asked, obviously amused.

He was always amused at something. His fangirls, my habit of daydreaming in class, Shiryo's protectiveness, Momoko's cheerfulness, our classmates' stupidity, etc.

Sometimes, it makes me want to punch him in the face.

She looked around the room and noticed that Takahashi-sensei had finished attendance and the class was busy socializing. She turned back to her childhood friend. "Was there a reason you poked me?"

His smile turned into a smirk. "What day is it today?"

Nanashi rolled her eyes. So. It was about this. "White Day. What about it? Did you forget to get something for your fans? You can't back out, Yuushi. It's social obligation. I suggest you run to the nearest chocolate store or jewelry store and get something quickly."

'Something' means 'a lot'. And because it's him, he actually does get something for each of his fans. Mainly one piece of white chocolate wrapped in those clear plastic bags with a white ribbon and a statement about how he doesn't return their feelings.

Still doesn't stop them, though.

His low chuckle caused her to shift uncomfortably in her chair. "I think perhaps it was you who forgot."



It was a box. The wrapping was white, as well as the ribbon tied around it. There was a small card slipped under the bow and she could make out the neat scribbling that was Yuushi's handwriting. She accepted the box, already knowing what it was. Still, she stared at it as if she'd never seen it before and hesitatingly took the card out.

Thanks for the chocolate,


Short, simple, and straight to the point. It did jog her memory though. She looked up to see Yuushi smiling that weird smile at her and she raised an eyebrow.

"You never did this before."

Every Valentine's Day, she always bought giri-choco, otherwise known as 'courtesy chocolate'. One for each of her friends: Yuushi, Shiryo, Yuusuke, Momoko, Kuramochi-buchou, Haru-chan, the girls of her tennis team, Aya, Dayu, Ruri, Takeshi, and the others who went to junior high with them. She never expected anything back once Valentine's Day was over, mainly because most of her friends were girls so they didn't have to give anything back on White Day.

Dayu, Takeshi, Yuusuke, and the other guys all would give her a box of white chocolate on March 14th in return. However, Yuushi never did and although she'd felt disappointment the first two times, she had learned to tough it up and not expect anything afterwards.

I still had a small hope, though, but it was always...you know.

"What changed?" she asked, curious.

However, he merely shrugged. It was clear he wasn't going to answer so she sighed and looked down at the box again. She'd placed it down on her desk and it seemed to be staring right back at her. Deciding that it wasn't going to jump up and bite her, she pulled the ribbon loose and ripped off the wrapping. Lifting the box cover, she noted that inside held nine pieces of white chocolate. Selecting one, she examined it as if fearing for poison before taking a bite.

Her eyes widened and she felt like she was going to moan in pleasure. Oh god, it was good. It had a strawberry filling and the chocolate... It didn't get any better than this. Actually, if it was mint chocolate, then maybe. She finished the piece by popping the rest in her mouth. She decided to eat the rest later during lunch so she covered the box and set it in her bag carefully. She opened her mouth to thank Yuushi properly when a chill went down her spine. She shivered and looked around the classroom to see that the girls in the classroom were glaring at her in a ferocious way.

Like they were going to skin her alive.

Her mouth shut immediately and she sweatdropped. That wasn't good. Stupid Yuushi.

"Yes?" The word seemed to drag out from his mouth. He obviously noticed her movement. She twirled her fingers together before deciding that since she was going to be confronted by her female classmates later (she was surprised they didn't do it on the second day of school), she might as well just say it.

"Thanks," she mumbled.

He blinked before a small smile appeared on his lips. He chuckled lowly. "No problem, Nashi-chan."

The bell rang, and everyone went back to their seats, waiting for their first period teacher, Yamamoto-sensei.



March 14, 2007; Hallway, Wakashito High School; Tokyo, Japan

Nanashi leaned against the wall, arms crossed. In front of her was a girl from her homeroom. She was slightly shorter than her and had blond hair that reached to her shoulders. She had been the one to call her out here and so far, she had been staring at her shoes. The brunette stared at her for a few seconds before letting out a sigh.

"If you're not going to talk..." she said, pushing herself off the wall.

"No!" the blond exclaimed, a panicked expression on her face. That made her pause so she remained where she was. The other girl fidgeted but still refused to look at her directly. "I...what is your relationship with Ajibana-kun?"

Ah. Of course. It had to be about him. Nanshi let out a sigh and started walking away. "Nothing. We're just friends. Now, if that's all, I would really like to eat my lunch."

"B-but he gave you chocolate today!" she exclaimed, grabbing her sleeve. Nanashi mentally groaned. She hated the persistent ones.

"It was because I gave him giri-chocolate on Valentine's Day," she explained as she tried to get the girl to let go of her "I'm sure that next year, Yuushi will give you some in return if you got him chocolate."

She didn't bother staying around to hear her response. She quickly hurried down the hallway and the stairs till she was outside. Spotting Momoko waving her arms widely, she chuckled before jogging over to where her friends were waiting. Shiryo gave her a curt nod as a greeting before going back to her bento. Momoko grinned brightly at her, patting the spot next to her eagerly.

"What took you so long, Nana-chan?" she asked her once she sat down.

Taking out her own bento, the brunette set the cloth wrapped around it to the side and took off the cover, revealing the food within. Grabbing her chopsticks, she placed her hands together in a praying position.

"Itadakimasu~" Popping one of the sushi rolls in her mouth, she chewed and swallowed before answering the dirty blonde's question. "One of Yuushi's fangirls asked me about my relationship with him."

Momoko nodded in understanding while Shiryo scowled but said nothing. Nanashi smiled at both of them, taking a bite from her shrimp tempura. It was nice to have a peaceful lunch with her friends. She chewed her food thoughtfully as she wondered where her other childhood friend ate. He obviously didn't eat in the classroom; he always left once the bell rang. Perhaps the roof? She knew that while he enjoyed having fans, he needed a break from them every now and then. But how would he get the key to get up there?

She shook her head wildly, ridding herself of these thoughts. Why was she thinking about him in the first place?! Couldn't she be away from his presence for five minutes?

"Nana-chan, are you okay?"

She laughed nervously. "Yeah, I'm fine."

Shiryo and Momoko both looked at her as if they didn't believe her. The black-haired girl had an eyebrow raised while the dirty blonde had an uncharacteristic frown on her face. Nanashi blinked.

"What? Do I have something on my face?"

"No, it's just..." Momoko trailed off when she noticed Shiryo had chuckled. They both stared at her in disbelief.

Believe me when I say that when Shiryo starts showing positive emotions, there's something wrong. It's 'end of the world' material.

"Actually, you sort of do. It's over here." Grabbing a napkin, the black-haired girl leaned over and wiped something from the corner of her mouth. Crumpling it up, she returned to her original position and continued eating, as if she didn't just do something that stunned the hell out of them. Nanashi and Momoko continued staring at her.

"I...well, uh, thanks, Shiryo," the brunette spluttered. She turned to her bento but noticed something odd about Momoko.

She was blushing.

"Why are your cheeks pink, Momoko?" She just had to ask. It made no sense, after all.

The other girl's cheeks turned slightly more red and she bit her lower lip. "Well...it just seemed like something from a shoujo manga, that's all. I felt like I was intruding on something private."

Shiryo froze and Nanashi dropped her jaw.


Momoko then started giggling like mad. "I'm sorry, but it just seems that way!"

The brunette merely looked at her. "...I think you're going into hysterics."

The dirty blonde covered her mouth, shoulders shaking from uncontrollable laughter. Nanashi couldn't help the snicker that escaped from her mouth. It was pretty funny, she guessed. And she could agree that it did seem like a scene ripped off from a shoujo manga.

Shiryo watched her laughing friends dispassionately and continued to eat her lunch. However, if the other two were more observant, they would have noticed the pinkish tint in the stoic girl's cheeks.



March 14th, 2007; Roof, Wakashito High School; Tokyo, Japan

Violet eyes watched her laugh with her friends and it brought a smile on his face. He leaned further back into the chain-linked fence and rested his right arm on his right knee. His lunch had been a mere juice box and sandwich, not nearly enough for a growing teenage boy, but he didn't know how to cook and his parents... well, they were rarely home anyway. The bentos his fangirls gave to him were always given to someone else and he could always start asking his brother for help but he'd rather die than go to him.

He already knew Nashi-chan couldn't cook so he couldn't be like the male leads in manga and ask the girl they liked to cook them something, which was unfortunate because he was sure that if she tried, she could make a half-decent lunch. However, she was too lazy to learn how to cook, but that was slightly cute in his eyes.

He imagined her in an apron and he chuckled. He had to make sure he brought it up in front of her later. Her blushing face was always amusing and it was so easy to make fun of her for it.

He then remembered their math teacher, and his smile turned into a frown. To think that he would be back here... How troublesome. And after he managed to get Nashi-chan to forget about the older male too. If Kohori tried anything on her, he was going to regret it.

He would make sure of that.