Forever gone but not forgotten

The hall filled with the hundreds of students and was crowded with a sea of black. Her weeping loved ones sat in front as he walked on to start his speech. He scanned the room and tears stung his cheeks as he began his eulogy of the two loved ones. "Now she brought out the best in all of us. She turned the darkest of souls to the light and brought the coldest to warmth. She wasn't of this world and was only meant to be on the Earth for a small wile if only that."

The hall filled with hundreds of students all chattering about the wedding. Green roses with black stems covered the walls and floor as if they had been growing since the dawn of time. Wrought iron benches were filled with the many men and women in satin green Victorian dresses and the men in black suites with green accessories. The front row held only her closest friends and loved ones. Soon one by one the single filed out of the main doors to the alter.

One by one they singled in. From above it may have looked as if a black wave had entered the room ready to drown the unsuspecting audience. One by one they set down a single rose on their bodies. The woman dressed in her forest green floor length dress which complemented her deep green hair perfectly. While her love lay beside her in black trousers and a green long sleeve. Together they looked as if they were only sleeping though only to never wake up. Silent tears cascaded down perfect white cheeks as each said their goodbyes. The girls would collapse into their mans arms and break down, the tears spread like wild fire.

From above a sea of vibrant green Cinderella dresses swept down the aisle with their man beside them. Excitement shone in their eyes and bright smiles were contagious. Each girl laid a bright red rose on the alter and took stance as they awaited her. Then the music began.

A woman slowly walked up to the couple and lit them on fire. The cremation had begun and again their was an epidemic of hysterical tears and denial. Slowly their family and friends watched as the burned, ashes mixed with ashes, forever together. Finally with the roses withered and their flesh and bone lay together they were placed in a huge ancient Scottish urn. Adorned with pictures of old folk tales such as leprechauns and nobles the urn stood majestically.

The wedding music began and bells rang. She walked down the aisle in her deep forest green floor length dress with a platinum chain around her dainty neck. She almost glided across the hard stone floor to her smiling man. He took her hand in his and they gazed into each others eyes. The old minister began and soon a small but more than perfect diamond ring was placed on her finger and they shared their first kiss as they were eternally bound to one another. They ran down the aisle while rose petals cascaded form everywhere. And yells of joy echoed in the air as the couple ran and disappeared into the late August sunset.

The old women took the urn and solemnly they followed her to what would be their last time spent with the dead. They left the old castle and walked through the moors an eerie mist hung over the wet moors of Scotland along with the heaviness of death. Finally their feet sunk into the rocks of the bay. Thousands of roses floated on the cold ocean water and silently they went in. And in one thrust the urn was thrown into the ocean and shattered as their ashes took on life in their final home. They were forever gone, but not forgotten.

"My dear what a dark past you have!" The old sea hag cackled. "Really? Well we'll see about that!" Parasha sneered. "Parasha come we must leave the sun is setting and there is little time to reach the boat before the wolves come out!" Anastasia, my sister, called after me. I threw the hag some pence and left to find her.

"Aye Parasha hurry the ship is going to leave with out us because you lag!" Ana scolded, her thick Russian accent could mislead anyone. "I'm sorry Ana! I won't waste any more time on seers, promise!" I said with puppy dog eyes, my own accent getting in my way of reasoning with her.

We hurriedly climbed aboard the ship. Immediately I held my breath for the stench was almost unbearable! But I would have to deal as this was my ticket to freedom from here to my new home in Scotland. There I could escape my dark dreary past.

I felt the cold porcelain toilet as I puked out my contents once again. Again I had the dream of people dying and running away from a dark past. But each time they became more real to me. Almost as if I was actually there. Seeing as I was already up I began to get ready for I had a long trip ahead of me. Today I would travel to Scotland and try to figure out what my dreams really meant. My stomach already had begun to knot up inside.