Author's Note- This is a sequal to my story If Only and 2old4fairytales's Rumors. You don't really have to read them, but the story will make more sense if you do. Rumors is on the 2old4fairytales's homepage, which is in my favorites, if you want to get there quickly.


Story By StormDancer

I never really took any of it seriously. All the rumors, the mocking my friends gave me for going out with a guy who's infatuated with his best friend. It was all teasing. I knew that. Everyone knew that. I mean, sure, they used to be so close that they were one unit until me and the other girlfriend came on the scene, but that was just normal friend stuff. That's what I thought.

But pretty soon all the teasing got to me, and I started to look for the signs. Who better to prove, once and for all, that I did not go out with a gay guy? Me, that's who, the girlfriend. The one who came in between. Not that I meant to, I'm not that cruel, but it just sort of happened.

And the more I tried to deny it, the more I saw it. The subtle looks he'd give him whenever they were close. The way his eyes went to him the minute he walked in the door. The way that most of my boyfriend's sentences started with "He says…". The fact that I see the hurt in his eyes when he sees his best friend with his girlfriend. The way that his attention's never really fully on me when he's in the room.

And after I figured that out, I began looking at the object of my boyfriend's attention. About the way that if push came to shove, he'd ditch his girlfriend to go to his friend. I saw how whenever my boyfriend looked away, the friend would be looking at him. The way that he always told me what to do to my boyfriend, how to treat him well, because he couldn't. Really, now that I think back on it, they couldn't have made it any more obvious if they'd tried.

That annoyed me. I'm not jealous, not really. I'm not enough in love with my boyfriend to really be hurt. But I am annoyed. I do not play second fiddle to anyone, and when they finally get together, I'll be the laughing stock of the school. The only way no to be humiliated is to be the self sacrificing girlfriend who set them up for their own happiness. So that's what I did.

But it was only fair to go to the other girlfriend first. She was in the same boat as me, really, only worse, because she really liked her boyfriend. They'd been together longer, too. But what surprised me was that she hadn't seen the signs. But apparently, she had. She was all for the idea of setting them up, saying that she had told him that she would break up with him if he would go to his friend, but he refused. She told me that he wasn't as far along as my boyfriend, he hadn't realized that their relationship had turned deeper then friends. So the only solution was for us to force them together.

It was easy, really, too easy. Almost insultingly easy. All it took was us luring them to the same room with promises of meeting us there, and locking them in. Cliché, but it worked. And we even were considerate enough to write a note, explaining what we had done. We slipped it under the door once the drama was over. Yes, we listened at the door. Who wouldn't?

The door jiggled.

"It's locked," the best friend observed. I could almost hear my boyfriend gaping.

"But- what- how" he stammered. His friend sighed.

"They locked us in here, that's obvious. I just don't know what we're supposed to do to get let out."

"Maybe they'll let us out in a bit," my boyfriend suggested. We could hear them sitting on the floor, and an uncomfortable silence filled the room. The best friend broke it.

"So, been skiing?" he asked, which prompted a long and pointless talk where they were both being deliberately friendly. I glanced at the other girlfriend. She was banging her head softly against the wall.

"Idiots," she muttered. I agreed completely. Finally, they got impatient too. The best friend suddenly interrupted the other.

"Cut this crap, already," he announced, "Why have you been avoiding me?"

"Avoiding you!" my boyfriend sputtered, "You're avoiding me!"

"I do not! You spend all your time with your girlfriend!"

"And you don't?"

"I was always there when you needed me," asserted the best friend angrily.

"Until you got a girlfriend and a new best friend."

"A new best friend?" he seemed absolutely dumbfounded, "I have no new best friend. No one could ever replace you."

"Sure seems like it," my boyfriend muttered. One of them moved.

"So," the best friend asked, "If neither of us are avoiding the other, why are we growing apart?"

"Because you didn't care enough-"

The best friend cut him off with a voice full of suppressed anger.

"Don't ever say that. I always cared enough. You were the one who didn't care."

"I cared. Trust me, I cared."

"Then why did you start ignoring me when she came along?" the venom which he instilled in his reference to me stunned me. Who knew he was that jealous?

"Because you ignored me. Because we were fucking growing apart and I had already lost you and I needed someone and I-"

He was cut off, but not by words. Me and the girlfriend grinned and pressed our ears closer to the door.

"Shit," the best friend swore, slightly hoarsely, "I'm sorry, I didn't mean- well, I did mean- but I wasn't supposed-"

It was the first time I'd ever heard the best friend flustered. Which meant things were going right on plan. The best friend continued babbling.

"I'll forget about it- We can pretend it never happened- We'll just walk out and-"

My boyfriend-no, not my boyfriend anymore- interrupted breathlessly.

"Just shut up," he ordered, "and kiss me again."

By the sound of it, the best friend- now the boyfriend, I suppose- was only too happy to comply.

Me and the ex-girlfriend smiled and slipped the note under the door, unlocked it, and walked away. They didn't come out for another half hour, and when they did, their hands were intertwined and their hair extremely mussed. They grinned at us and thanked us, and left again, to who knows where.