Shaking from excitement,
Unable to anticipate
Even the next moment,
Frozen in my mind,
Not knowing what next to do,
Engulfed in the moment,
Life thrust upon me,
And adrenaline pulses,
And fast-paced my heart,
My face flushed in embarrassment,
But it feels so good,
And all I can taste
Is his lips,
And I can feel his heart,
Pressed against me,
His arms strong
And tight around me,

Holding me tight
To the reality that it's true,
All the dreams I had dreamed,
Molded into trembling reality,
The truth of it all
Wrapping me sweetly
In tender moments of love,
And I want nothing more
But to dwell upon it,
Live in it and of it,
Existing only within the moment,
And all I feel is him.