When a single blink falls into place and life desists, leading into a murky darkness yet to be explored, a flashlight turns out nothing but barriers. And the world in itself can be torn apart until it too, goes into death, passes from existence to deteriorate into a nothingness, and falls into oblivion, but no secrets will be found but paths to more death.We called ourselves the masters of the world, but really are the poison of the Earth, slowly, until its inevitable fall, tearing it apart, like a thin dribble of water pulling away the very minerals that binds the rock. And we search for answers, answers to the future, the past, but in truth, we are all we look towards, looking in a muddied mirror.And when it comes to realization, settles to the top of the murky water we fight to tear apart as if pieces of tissue-light paper, as if solid but brittle as the bones which hold us in our mighty thrones, we will scratch at it in vain, trying to distort the unfortunate truth we sought to reverse, refused to face.

Displeased with the final message sent to us, that our existence is futile as we try to make our existence our own, we will destroy the only truth we have ever been able to see. And the whole world will fall apart, leaving nothing but a dark and dismal hole, the product of our destructive play, that which we have been trying to pry into for so long. When we finally see it, finally hit the dark, cascading onto it, we will do nothing but try to pull away from it in desperate attempt.

The whole world is vast emptiness, and everything is us trying to make something of it. Desolate and bare, we turn from the mirror that is life.