hotline for help


hey, excuse me

would you happen

to know how to reach

the hotline for help


you see, i'm terribly ill

my hands are clammy

and i keep trembling

while my stomach's queasy


and i don't know

what could be wrong

i was fine just yesterday

but oh—then i met him


i wonder if he was sick

maybe he's contagious

perhaps his stomach feels

like there are butterflies too


i must remember to ask

how he's feeling because

i'm such an unhealthy mess

yet i wish to see him again


now my heart's racing

too quickly for comfort

and i wonder if this is

also from that virus


i'm sorry i didn't quite catch

what you had just said; oh—

how silly of me to have forgotten

the hotline for help is nine-one-one


thank you for reminding me

and i shall make that call

for help is what i truly need

to cure this weird infection


and now i've dialed the digits

the operator patiently says

that i am fine; sick i am not,

i'm just a woman in love