Out of the Infinite Abyss

…and riding along on a trail of space dust

Flying through space,

Across the endless depth of the universe

A glimmer in the depths of chaos

What am I but a twinkle,

A smattering of galactic sparkle

Whisked between the heavenly bodies

Stardust child

The colors swirl together

In superheated passion,

Churning and solidifying, declaring their stalwart presence to an unwitting cosmos

Arbitrary orbit girl

Dancing between the planets

That turn along paths they dare not stray from

Dictated to them since the beginning of time

A woman along the star road

Skipping along the asteroid belts

Navigating my way between the treacherous heavenly bodies

Taking in all the sights that celestial beauty has to offer

Travel-worn and covered in a layer of cosmic debris

Bathing in the transcendent colors of the Milky Way

Appreciating that all creation has to offer as I look around with starry eyes

The grand play of the heavenly bodies and the lights along the infinite stage

Feeling refreshed and divine and ready to take on all that there is to know

Riding along the white light

Coming and going every ten, fifty, hundred, a millennia

Soaring along in brilliance

Nearing the end and going out in a blaze of glory

The beginning is the end and the end is the beginning

Fastly I approach transcendent bliss

Screaming, burning, exploding, spiraling into the…

Infinite Abyss