What a sweet revelation,
you've tied me down,
kicking and screaming,
and nowhere to be found,
a new resolution has come to pass,
and I'm afraid, my dear, that you won't last.
So quietly lying in your new bed,
thoughts of your unseen lover in your head,
then the ground breaks and swallows you whole,
what a perfect ending, in a six foot hole.
A stone marks your new resting place now for me,
but instead of cry I laugh, don't you see?
I'm glad you're gone, you're finally dead,
but you better thank your God it's all in my head.
I'd dig up your grave and collect all your teeth,
put them in a white bag just to keep for me,
then set the grass ablaze and smile and laugh,
don't you know that I'll laugh last?
My dark reflection standing beside me,
We'd kick over your stone and destroy your body.
then we'd forget all about it, my friend,
heh...who would be laughing then?
no one will remember and no one will care,
especially since you're dead under there.
hate is an emotion that always leads to rage,
now ask yourself, do you want to turn the page?