The Walls of My Soul

I look into your eyes

So deep

So wide and full of life,

Full of knowledge

But I can only skim the surface

And I want to see deeper,

I want to see the truth,

I want to see the stories,

The feelings you hold inside of you.

My feelings kept inside,

I wear some of my sleeve,

But so many are bottled up.

I doubt myself,

I don't trust myself with love,

The pain it would bring

To hurt.

I want to peel away your layers

I want to get to the core,

To your heart,

I want to see your thoughts.

To see through the walls

Of your mind,

My only wish,

To know you.

The walls of my mind,

The walls of my soul,

I built them up

To protect myself.

But these walls,

These walls,

They're in my way.

They block my vision,

I cannot see.

I want to see through you,

I want to share your thoughts.

But first,

For me to see,

I must tear down those walls.

I must make myself vulnerable.

I don't like being vulnerable,

I don't like being hurt,

But I hurt myself

While trying to protect me.

I look into your eyes

But I cannot see further

I cannot do more

Than simply scratch the surface.

But for now,

Until I get the courage,

That will have to be enough.

I will have to wait.

I don't want to wait.

But I have to.

I will wait.