Footsteps To The Sky

A single, solitary set of footprints

Never reached by the crashing waves

Stretches for miles on the sandy beach

Never wandering, never ending

A second set of footprints joins it

Together they walk

Never wandering, never ending

They stay constant to each other

From sunrise to sunset

Full moon to full moon

They walk beside the crashing waves

Through all the shared memories

All the while the flute and the lyre play

Casting a gentle peace over it all

The soothing waves anchor their dreams in reality

When dreams come by night

The gentle moon watches over our footsteps

When the gulls fly out to their freedom overhead in the morning

Our footsteps never grow weary or falter

Two sets of prints that were made for each other

Soul mates of a sense

Miles of wet sand over-looked by the cliffs

Traversed by soul mates

Every waking moment they near where the sun turns the sea and sand red

The waves will never wash away their footprints

They will never be erased

To wander the shore forever is their eternal curse…and blessing

Eternal peace…eternal love

And where their footsteps touch the sky is written a single phrase:

"Hold me tight until eternity ends. Hold me tight and NEVER LET GO."

And in that moment is fulfilled a promise of love

And life anew…together

Never wandering, never ending

So now their footsteps lead the way

To life anew in the sky

And leave a trail for those to come

To find their way

A/N: So I wrote this one day when I was thinking about the day I met a friend of the family that changed my life forever. He inspired me to take life for all it's worth. He said, "This is the only life we've got. Take it, lead it, drive it. Squeeze it for all it's worth." That was seven months ago when we were walking on the Oregon beach. We walked and talked for almost an hour...and we had only just met. I had walked into the beach house, saw him, and we went for a walk…the walk that opened my eyes. I remember when we turned around to come back we saw our footprints; they were parallel each other, never wandering far. That's what inspired me to write this poem. It's sort of a follow up to "The Moonlit Place". Hope ya'll like it!