Mists and Dreams

Sunlight filters through my murky dreams

Into my shadow-filled life

The rays die

When they touch my inner sanctum…my soul

My mind wanders dark corridors

With no hope in sight

Thoughts shine and sparkle

But quickly fade away

No end is in sight in this dark corridor

Suddenly I find myself

Standing at the edge of a black pit

I look into its swirling mass

And realize my only way out

Is In

Walls begin to crumble and crack

As I peer in again

Black stones fall all around me

And I jump in

I fall through black mist

That slowly turns gray

Then white

I open my soul's eyes

To find myself standing in pure white light

I look up and see a single, shining Star

Love, Mercy, Hope, Life Anew radiate from it

I lift my hands and begin to sing and dance

And I know

That I have been healed

A/N: So I wrote this poem because I had been toying with the idea that to be truly alive in Christ, we must first die to our earthly selves. This is kind of how I felt this summer at CIY one night when I gave it all up and jumped...into His arms of loving mercy. Hope ya'll like it!