The Healing of the Broken Valley

I open my eyes to find myself

Standing in a forest of vibrant green pine trees

My feet are stuck in mud

Not a sound, not a living creature

I'm completely alone

I look up to see the cloudy gray sky unleash its precious cargo

Flurries of white snow fall all around

I lift my arms and bask in the purity of it all

The mud disappears under banks of new snow

The trees become white soldiers

And I'm left standing in the middle of it all as the snow stops

Every single thing has become white…new

I lift my feet from the mud

To find them cleansed by the snow

The cloudy gray sky remains

Yet I feel like I am basking in the brilliance of the Son

The woods are so silent

I run through the trees

To the cliff overlooking

The Broken Valley

I look down at all the broken memories and dreams

And realize that even the snow

Has made them white

I have been washed clean

I fall to my knees

As I lift my arms to the sky

And sing and rejoice

I have been made new…pure…again


A/N: So I wrote this during my sixth period biology class while it was still snowing going on three hours. I tried to capture my feelings and thoughts about how pure everything looks after it has snowed. "The Broken Valley" is a metaphorical prayer that I wrote that I hope to have up on here soon, and it's an on-going thing that will have more prayers/chapters added to it.