God make it all better! My heart has been snapped in two and is slowly crumbling into a million pieces. Mine eyes are often washed with tears as I bleed from the pain. Elohim make it all better! Put my broken heart back together! I cry out from the rocky valley to your innermost courts. I scream till I can scream no more! I want to give it all up and leave this place of misery! Heal my bleeding heart! I am useless! I come before you now bruised and broken and afraid. Break me to the point of return! Take me away from this accursed valley to your heavenly realm. I cry out from the black pit of despair to your lovely ears! Hear me O Merciful God! Save me from this broken place and heal my broken body! I cry until I can cry no more! My tears fall like rain drops and mix with the drops from my bleeding heart! I can take no more! Save me! I scream out, but no one hears me! I tear off my earthly crowns, but I can't get rid of them. I want a faith like that! To see the dead rise and see you pass by! I pray that you take this lost angel and show her the One True God in all of His glory. Make me a star in your heavenly firmament. Do not let me pass into the shadow lands and become a wraith! Give me the wings of an angel to flee from this place! Save me from my brokenness! I sit on this rock all alone looking at the rumbling sky and the tongues of fire all around me. I want to die to live with you! I cannot take this world anymore! Save me! My hair whirls about me in the wind as I look to the sky and scream out in broken pain. God I can't take it anymore! Make it all better! GOD SAVE ME! This lonely rock crumbles and collapses under me and I fall into the fiery tongues of death. I fall through the canyon of darkness and I scream out one final time to you to save me. The flames draw nearer and you don't answer. I fall into the flames and darkness surrounds me. I am all alone in utter destruction. I try to scream but find that I am a wraith; a meaningless shadow in the shadow lands. I am no more; I am nothing, just another tongue of fire in a meaningless, torturous pit. SAVE ME!! I cry out to you with all my being. But I hear no answer. Where are you now Elohim? Where is my Jehova-Yasha? Where are your arms of love?