Elohim on high, my guilts and sins outweigh my very being! My heart cracks and breaks at the thought of life anew. I feel like there is no hope for me now! I feel like I am slowly passing away into the shadow lands…to be no more forever. My heart slowly falls to the bottom of my soul in a million shattered pieces. Tears form in a pool around my broken heart as the pieces grieve. My soul is cold and I have lost all feeling in my heart…only grief and sadness. M y soul aches for the love it used to hold. Where are you now? Where is the love of my life? Where is my Jehova-Yasha? This Is Me…broken pieces of a heart that used to hold love. The Mystery of your love seems to have hidden you from me. I feel trapped and all alone. Scared of the darkness around me I cry even more as the pool of tears grows bigger. I begin to see the demons around me and I cry out to you. I scream your wonderful name as they advance toward me. Then when all seemed lost, you came riding in on a white horse. You fought off the demons and they fled in fear. You caressed the broken pieces of my heart. The tears began to dry as the pieces of my heart rise from them. Excitement races through my soul at the thought of being healed with my one true love again. The pieces of my heart come together and begin to form a heart I once knew...a whole, healthy, loved heart. He smiles as my heart heals and becomes whole again. He puts a hand under my heart and lifts it to the pedestal of love in my soul, where it belongs. A single drop of sparkling blood forms at the bottom of my heart and runs off it to the edge of the pedestal. He puts his hand to it and the drop of priceless blood falls onto it, still whole. He smiles as it hardens in a tear-drop shape and he tucks it away in a pocket over his heart within his white robes. My heart begins to beat and he mounts his white charge. Before riding off he says, "I am always with you. Never forget that. Remember that I love you more than anything. You are more precious than all the jewels in the earth that I created. I love you." He turned and rode off while his echoing voice resonated throughout my soul. Sunlight filtered in and soon my soul was radiant with light.