Alli, I know that I promised that I wouldn't leave you again, and I'm sorry for disappearing like this. But I'm here waiting for you. I survived. I know it may be hard to believe and you may suspect a trap but I also know you well enough to know that you won't give up until you know for sure what happened here. I love you more than life itself and I hope that, that love will be you guiding force. I'll wait for you to find me love, look for me at the beginning of it all.

"Mom?" Abby called.

"Yes dear?" Sy replied as she came up into the attic.

"What's all this?" her daughter gestured to the box of items and held the MP3 player for her mother to see.

"What were you doing up here?" Sy asked as she took the MP3 player gently from the dark haired girl.

"We have a senior project to do and I was looking for some old clothes for costumes." Abby explained.

"I didn't know she kept all this…" Sy trailed off as she looked at the silver bow resting against the wall.

"But what is it?" Abby asked she picked up the bow and looked it over. Her hand started glowing golden. Her eyes grew wide and she dropped the bow instantly. It landed with a thud against the floor. Sy stared at the bow on the floor with an unreadable expression on her face. After a few moments Alli rushed to the attic.

"Are you both alright? I heard a…" She trailed off when she saw Sy's expression and the bow on the floor, "noise?"

"Mom, what the fuck is going on?" Abby asked.

"Language!" Alli chided.

"I'm eighteen mom." Abby pointed out, "And don't change the subject." Alli and Sy looked at each other.

"Abby honey it's complicated." Sy said at last.

"Oh come on," Abby scoffed, "You guys are acting like you used to members of some kind of secret organization that you ran away from by faking your deaths." Sy and Alli sighed.

"Actually that's not too far off from the truth." Alli said.

"This is a joke right?" Abby said as she backed away.

"Honey we didn't want you to be a part of this, but it seems that you inherited my powers." Sy explained.

"Powers?" Abby said with disbelief, "Am I some kind of a freak?"

"Not unless you think we are." Sy said gesturing to herself and her wife, "Wait don't answer that."

"Abby honey you're old enough now to know about it and make the decision on your own." Alli said looking at Sy for confirmation. Sy nodded.

"Could you give us a little bit to compose ourselves?" Sy asked, "It's been a long time since either of us talked about this." Abby nodded.

"How about after dinner tonight?" Abby asked. Both women nodded.

"Okay…" Abby said, "I'm going to go try not to freak out." Sy watched her daughter walk down the stairs to her room.

"Alli…" Sy said softly, "I had hoped this wouldn't happen."

"I know Sy, but think practically, we both have unusually high spiritual powers. It was going to happen sooner or later." Alli rested her head against Sy.

"What if she wants to join?" Sy asked fearfully.

"She's eighteen, we can't really stop her." Alli sighed.

"What if they start coming after her?" Sy asked worriedly.

"It's not like they haven't tried before." Alli pointed out.

"But we aren't going to be around forever." Sy took Alli's hand and squeezed it.

"Are you wanting to train her?" Alli asked.

"It might be wise…" Sy mused, "that way she can defend herself."

"You just want someone to boss around again." Alli smiled slightly.

"Maybe…" Sy grinned.

"She's growing up…" Alli said.

"I know…she's got her own story to write now…" Sy said.

"Well, we might as well get this over with." Alli stated as she pulled Sy towards the door.

"You know I haven't been this nervous since I had to describe how lesbians have sex to her." Sy groaned.

"Honey it'll be fine, she's our daughter." Alli replied pulling Sy down the stairs.

"I know, I know." Sy said. She glanced at her daughter's door.

"Ready?" Alli asked. Sy laughed.

"As ready as I can be…"

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