The Melody

January 2007

A/N: Like I said, loosely inspired by the line, "...the melody's making her cry..." from Josh Groban's "So She Dances". Also loosely inspired by emotions and events going on in my life. It's very deep, and The form is different; unusual compared to my normal four-line stanzas and predictable rhyming schemes. I like it and I hope you do to... so please, please, PLEASE, read and review.

I'm standing here
Shaking with fear
The song is making me cry.

I can't stop the feelings
My whole world is reeling
Colors flash across a transparent sky.

Maybe you're not what I wanted,
You're not the dream I flaunted,
But is that the excuse not to try?

Like a rope, my dream I hold onto
But is it worth falling, if my catcher is you?
Are all of my dreams now a lie?

Do I cling to that rope?
Losing faith in that hope
Was my head in the clouds too high?

So the music is playing
Silent are the words that need saying
My feet move as I give another sigh.

The dance my feet follow –
Is it the one you dance also,
This dance of those lovers' lullaby?

Is this the time in my life when I have to give up
The dream of a golden prince immediately falling in love
Does this perfect image now die?

My hand slips in yours
And we step onto the floor
A dance that we might as well fly.

Now the daylight fades
The blues meld into grays
The moonlight reflects in your eyes.

Unconvinced still am I, of these crazy intentions
Curse you, love, with your crazy inventions
And you start to speak and silently I plead, 'Why?'

But then you stop and the moonlight shines
A wind blows in your direction, as if to be a sign
And a cloud rolls across the iridescent sky.

The moonlit clear tears
Reflect those lovesick-spent years
As you give the feather-light whisper, "Just try."

With a jolt I see my dream
May not be all it seems
And the lost dream's melody is making me cry.