My name is Alice and I'm looking for a high paying job with perks, in the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

I stood out in the hallway trying to find the suite number. It was a pretty classy looking hotel but this might be the place I'll live for now on, well I hope. I finally found it and nervously knocked at the door.

I heard someone coming at the other side of the door and I stood tall and prepared. Take a deep breath.

A middle aged lady opened the door and I was not surprised how elegant she looking. This was Las Vegas, half the people here can look as if they're going to a prom even though they're way past their high school age.

"Are you…" she started with that rich voice.

"Hi, my name is Alice and I'm here for the job interview please." I said with my best behavior and smile.

She nodded "Come on in."

I walked in and was amazed that I never saw such a room even though I lived in Las Vegas all my life. A hotel suite that look it was designed only for billionaires…. jeez.

"Please sit down." said the lady as she closed the door.

I looked around the huge room and saw the dinning area with the kitchen on the right and the living room with its flat screen TV and all latest gadgets on the left. The windows were huge and I saw a huge balcony with a barbeque and outside furniture out there. On the left side of the room there was a door and I bet that lead to the bedroom, and on the right it was the same.

I turned to my left, sat down on the leather sofa while the lady took a seat at the other end.

"So, Alice, why do you want to have this job?" the lady asked straight away. "Why do you want to be a house maid?"

"I need to earn a lot of money in order to go to university." I answered truthfully. "And in being a house maid I could live here and not worry about rent and concentrate on my studies more. After I finish all the house work, of course."

She nodded "So you are young! And alone? How old are you? What about you're parents?"

"I'm nineteen years old and my parents are long gone. I lived with my grandmother until she passed away two months ago. I tried to keep the house but it's just too much for me to handle. But as you can see I've been cleaning all my life. Grandma couldn't clean the house so I had to do everything. And I heard this job was very high paying, so I thought if I worked here for a couple of years I'll finally have enough to go to university! That's my dream goal right now, to go studying… in Europe actually. That's why I really want this job… And I promise you I will clean everything until it shines like diamond!" It was a long answer, and there were some stuff that I didn't need to tell her, but I learned honesty was better, always.

The lady laughed at my last statement but then she smiled sadly. Oh no….

"I can see you're very ambitious… but you see… this suite is the one you'll be cleaning after but the person you'll be looking after will not be me."

I gave her a confused look.

"It'll be my son. He'll be living here for a year to study his uncle's business, which is running a hotel. This is his hotel."

"I see… May I ask how old is your son?" I asked.

"He's nineteen, same age as you. And this is what worries me… I do like the idea of friendship, but not a relationship…" she said slowly raising her eyebrows to see if I got the huge hint.

Without any thought I started to laugh. "I'm sorry," I said forcing myself to stop. "But you see I never had a boyfriend in my life, never. And frankly I think I'll never get one or even marry for that matter. It may be because of how my parent's relationship turned out or because my desire to study is much stronger than the desire to find my one true love… and no offense to your son or anything, but I'll rather much like to clean than to kiss him."

Now the lady started to laugh! "You really want go to school don't you?"

I nodded sincerely. "Yes ma'am. And I'm sure I could be just good friends with your son."

"Alright," she said smiling "You're hired."

I felt all my butterflies just disappear when I heard the word 'hired'. I let out a huge breath and grinned. "Thank you so much!! You really won't regret it!!"

"But I should warn you, my son has the tendency of having girls but not girlfriends…"

I nodded. "But er, may I ask what his name is?"

"His name is Jay Hagel. So please call me Mrs. Hagel."

"And my name is Alice Stafford. Nice to meet you."

"When do you think you can start?"

"Right away." I smiled and thanked the gods for giving me this wonderful chance…


My name is Alice and I got want a wanted. A job with high perks… But I never even considered if this was the worst decision in my life…

It sort of was… meeting him.