Inspiration: loosely based on Grey's Anatomy.

For: Kim, Jenny, and all the other addeks at TI. I love all of you.


You know he doesn't love you.

You don't need someone to tell you, because after eleven years, you can read his eyes

The people around you see it, too, because they give you sympathetic glances in the hallway

And sometimes, you want to hit those people, because they're a constant reminder that he left you

For a blonde girl that's at least ten years younger than you.

Also, you want to hit him for doing this to you

You want to yell and scream and throw a vase at his head,

Because you can't breathe and you just want all of this to go away

But you don't.

You go through the motions and pretend that you can't see the way he looks at her,

Until one day, he cracks.

He left you for her at a gaudy, awkward fake prom-like dance,

One that brought memories of being a band geek with braces and a lisp flooding back to you.

And even though it's immature and stupid and unreasonable, you believed him when he said he loved you the day before.

But really, you're not surprised.

You saw it coming.

And that's why you get in your car, drive until you can't see the city lights and never look back.