Too weak to move

Too strong to die

With no hope to live

And no will to die

Floating in abiss

Between life and death

But all I was living

Was taking my breaths

My heartening faith

Was no longer here

It went and left me

Along with my tears

Too many lures

Brought here by hell

To try to make me

Ring the final bell

The depression came first

And all in one day

Hurting and crumbling

I was slowly moving away

Next was the darkness

Luring me in

Too tired of trying

The black was my friend

The razor came slowly

Just one stroke at first

Quickly becoming

And unquenchable thirst

The crimson red teardrops

But not from my eyes

Came in a flow

An unstoppable tide

The hurt and the pain

It would slowly ebb

As the bloody red teardrops

Showed me not dead

Then the obsession

With my hopeful death

Keeping me thinking

I had nothing left

I toyed with the thought

Of succumbing in blood

Letting my body

Lay in crimson flood

But the pills seemed much sweeter

Just going to sleep

And then deaths black gates

I would peacefully meet

But they weren't enough

Hours later I woke

Not in heaven or hell

And on disappointment I choked

So then I gave up

Just wishing to die

But by somebody else

And escape this worlds lies

The solace still came

In the cold razors touch

And in the beautiful

Euphoric blood rush

I suppose that you saved me

When I met you then

For a few days my love

For six months my friend

And after three

It was beginning to slow

And for my razor

I would less often go

The spark, it came back

And lit up my eyes

And I decided

I didn't want to die

For the first time in years

I let my tears flow

But they weren't bitter

I want you to know

You made them come

And they were so sweet

They came in love

And unbearable heat

Now I am here

Still living my life

But now I am LIVING

And in happiness hight

Two years long gone

From the razor and black

And two years ahead

Of the life that I lacked