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You keep saying sorry

But it's way too late

You keep making apologies

But I'm not taking the bait

We're traveling now

Both of us parallel

Take your last bow

And now say your farewell

One, two

Those sweet words aren't true

She left him standing there, shocked and perplexed. Her eyes refused to meet his when she handed him that envelope. Baby blue and scented was her stationery; a trait typical of her. Much too typical.

What had he said that night? What did he do? He – he didn't know…

"I completely understand," it read on the first line. "You've got your world and I've got mine. Yours revolves around girls, cars, material possessions and fun. Mine doesn't. You're envied, popular in every regard. The world is at your feet. Go ahead, raise your hand and make the awaited command; make me leave.

"Did you try? Well, so did I and I'm sorry you had to keep looking back

Three, four

You shut the door

"I'm sorry too, for holding you back from the fun you crave. I'm sorry that I detest the way you live. I'm sorry that I even tried. I admit, I made as many mistakes as you did. I was wrong when I thought I could change you, maybe I should have changed myself.

"But I couldn't.

Five, six

One last kiss

"Pleading…begging…trying, I couldn't do that. I'm not going to grovel at your feet like the rest would. You have your PS3, your PSP, your iPod, your N93, your guitars, you couldn't give it up. I understand that perfectly; but couldn't you try to at least pretend that you cared? Well, you did, for a while but I never knew when you were telling lies and when you were actually speaking truths.

"Something which you don't do often I suspect

Seven, eight

Maybe it's fate

"Our assignment is included with this letter. Our partnership was nice while it lasted. If we ever were to be paired up again for creative writing, I assure you, it will be dealt with accordingly, separating business and pleasure. I won't slip up anymore, so don't worry.

"I can't say anymore King of Jocks. I'm only sorry I considered myself your nerd."

Nine, ten

Goodbye friend

The paper crumpled in his hand, his lips set in a grim line.

"I'm sorry too," he murmured, thrusting the paper into his locker.

A sharp intake of breath.

"But I do love you…"

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