Does it matter? -If you never kiss?
For his words are always kind
and your friends all say he's a find
and if sometimes at night, you remember and cry--
Well, what has that to do with all this?

Does it matter? -If you never smile
at the thought that you'll soon see his face?
For there's fondness within his embrace
and if sometimes your laughter comes out like a sigh--
Well, what's a tear every once in a while?

Does it matter? -If you think you see
his thoughts so simply summarized?
At least you won't be too surprised
and if sometimes you can't answer your own question why--
Well, what answer do you think it'd be?

Does it matter? -If you can't forget
where you are with one look in his eyes?
For your friends still say he's a prize
and if sometimes "I love you" just feels like a lie--
Well, what do you have left to regret?

Does it matter? -If you never dream
of love like you dreamt once before?
If he's not the one you adore?
For everyone smiles as you two walk by
and the smiles make you want to scream