Why didn't you
Take your shot
Why didn't you
Stop it
Why didn't you do something
You know you wanted to
Knew that it might be your last
Then why didn't you take what you wanted
What was rightfully yours
You knew that
They knew that
Yet still you have done nothing
And you think that
It bothers you the most
That you don't have what you want
Think about how they feel
Knowing that they tried so hard to tell you
So hard to say
That this was your last shot
Your last chance
Pleading with you to take it Their eyes showed you everything as you gazed into them
But you still could not reach beyond yourself
Couldn't show them they were worth it
Couldn't say I want you
Couldn't say don't do this
Couldn't say im ready
Couldn't just try for u,
So in this course of action you have not taken
You have finally proven to them
That they are not worth it
So thanks for finally proving everyone right
When they were the only one that has faith in you You let them down like everyone said you would Curse you for proving them right