Never there

To hear me pray.

Never hear

My begging pleas;

Begging as

I sink to my knees.

Merciless before you:

Overpowered, alone

Nothing I can say to help:

You're hard as a stone.

Cold, hard, empty;

After all that I've done.

I tried to help you,

But you just make fun.

Laugh at me,

Call me names,

Throw things at me:

Always the same.

Now I'm bleeding

Because of you.

You'll never know

The horror you've put me through.

Would you care anyway?

If you bothered to ask.

Never mind:

You succeeded in your task.

I'm nearly dead now,

Lost the will to live.

What's the point in living?

You take and I give.

Now I'm changing

Becoming cold, hard like you.

Nothing will ever hurt me again:

I'm dying; it's true.