Casting illusions, breathless and weak.
Shivering bones, naked beneath.
Clothes not forsaken, merely forgot.
Faern born of human, this is your lot.

Fruit much too high, never in reach.
Vines tangle fingers, die under feet.
Feed on red berries, glossy and fine.
Choke on their poison, lay down to die.

Poor faern born of human, not to die yet.
A much greater fate, not have you met.
Coughing and wheezing, cursing your blood.
Finding some rest, face down in the mud.

Pray for your solace, some kindly release.
See a young maiden, down on her knees.
She offers friendship, she offers more.
Faern born of human, lonesome no more.

Magic surrounds you, purest in form.
Love from the maiden, this keeps you warm.
Faern born of human, both races disowned.
Faern born of human, finally borne home.