There once was a whale

In great ocean blue

He swam through the water

And coral lands too

So happy, so peaceful

He loved his great home

A life in the ocean

He always did roam

But one day a storm

Was starting to brew

The fierce ocean winds

Set the sea currents too

Confused in the maelstrom

The whale's eyes grew dim

And the angry sea storm

Began pushing on him

Unable to swim in the

Hazardous storm

The whale's known path

Was horrendously torn.

Thrown off his course

The whale drifted off

Away from his home

His wake was soon lost.

He awoke on a beach

Quite far from his home

With no other animals

He was truly alone

Alone and abandoned

He sit, stuck, along

The sandy dry beach

Then he sang a sad song.

Unable to push his way

Back to the sea

He thought life was finished

It's done, thought he.

Then a man, young and bold

Walked up to the beach

And saw the sad creature

His home out of reach

His clothes were like shadows

His eyes, a bright blue

The whale was scared

What would this man do?

He walked to the whale

And ran his right hand

Along the whale's face

Now stuck upon sand

"You cry" spoke the man,

"Because you cannot escape

Stuck amongst land-dwellers

In a treacherous cape."

"I cannot help you

Find your way home.

But I will help you know

That you're not alone."

He pushed upon the whale

With all of his might

But the angry earth did

Put up quite a fight.

The whale was stunned

Such a scary young man

Why would he help him

With his own two hands?

But the whale trusted him

And knew he knew strong

And with both their strength

They pushed him along.

The beach waters began

To touch against him

He soon became free

The whale could swim.

A harmonious song

Echoed across the beach

The whale swam out

Now out of the man's reach

He did not forget

The man's haunting appearance

But the whale now knew

That he would no longer fear it.

He remembered the kindness

The man showed him that day

And wished him good luck

As they both parted ways.