You'll never know

My screams don't make a sound

If only you could see

What I do when no one's around

My face that twists and turns

Into what you like to see

These voices in the darkness

Turns out that they are me

Soaking in the blood and sweat

Drink these diluted tears

Know now that all my pleasures

Have now become my fears

You live your new and polished life

Free of fear and doubt

You think I'm fine but you don't see

Where I go when the lights go out

My weaknesses, they prey on me

Like vultures to the bone

And when you feel you're at life's best

I am here, alone

Deeper, darker, in this hole

I just fall on and on

This Blackout takes a hold of me

I reach for your hand but YOU ARE GONE

Pushing, pressure, into my eyes

I cannot feel my face

Suffocate quietly in the dark

And burst into flames in outer space

It's obvious that it's only me

Alone with all this pain inside

And I know that whenever I Blackout

You will always run and hide.