In 1820, a child was born. She was named Anna. On her twentieth birthday, a man caught her in an alley and stabbed her. She never knew why. All she knew was that she woke up, as a baby. The year was 1842. Anna, now named Christina, remembered her life before. She did much research and discovered that she could only be classified as one thing; a phoenix. A creature who could be reborn over and over.

Later, when she had been reborn again, this time called Jessica, she met another who was immortal. He told her that there was a group of them, and they were all in hiding. He urged her to join them, and eventually she did. She told them of her past lives, and they discovered that she was the oldest of all of them. They deemed her Queen of the Phoenixes.

When one of her followers was reborn, she knew who it was immediately and where to find the follower. The same with her, if she were reborn, they always knew. And they always remembered past lives.

Until now.

Now, in 1991, the queen has been reborn, but none of her followers can find her. She is lost, and does not remember her past. They must find her, because the man who killed Anna years ago was one of them, and he remembers everything. He's searching for her now and it's been fifteen years since she was born. He is close now. Her followers must hurry, or their queen will be lost. Forever.