Alright. So here's the deal.

I am attempting to get this poem published, so I want to get lots of opinions on it. I asked my English teacher, and we made some edits (well, she told me what she thought was awkward and I re-wrote some stuff). So, read, enjoy, and tell me which version you like better...

we wrote love poems on the palms of our hands & shook, as
if we were making a pact of hearts & hopes at a crossroads. we
hoped to find the questions. the answers we beautiful but
fleeting, on hummingbird wings that, like time, can never stand

we held hearts instead of hands, and kissed love instead of
each other. I had a theory, and you a counterexample. "love," i said,
"is…" & i stopped, because i realized that clichés spelled backwards
become unwritten truths.

(i know that some things are beyond reason, beyond hope, beyond our
very existence. all you said was that maybe the most simplistic is the most
complex, and that perhaps some people don't know what they want.)

i didn't. all I could say was "when was the last time life took you
over to the counter, lifted you up & said 'pick out the one you

then we wrote more love poems on the palms of our hands—poems
of a love misguided, misdirected, misinterpreted,
misjudged, mistaken…

but definitely not missed.