I need something more

Than a simple reassurance

Saying I will be okay

When everything is dying

Including me

"Your life is in full bloom"

But isn't that when the flower begins to fade?

I'm just dragging my feet

Through the freezing cold

Blood mixed in the snow white

Who knew that beauty and pain go hand in hand?

The words are becoming less meaningful

I think that is how it is supposed to be

I suppose I have just been naïve

Wishing someone would tell me what was happening

Then looking back at my ignorance

Blissful, wasn't it?

Heavy sighs escape my frost bitten lips

My angst seems so forsaken

Shallow even

The grains of sand drop

Through my personal hourglass

Time is at my heals

Aging me, molding me, shaping me

I hate the clock

For me it seems irrelevant

But we are designed around it

Or is it that we have attached ourselves so willingly

To this misrepresentation

Of life

It seems that someday soon my sands of time

Will run out