A rambling Dodge truck drove on by the Danson house. Down the street was a bright beautiful Samantha skipping along the sidewalk. It was a long day of school. It is when you have plans tonight. Her friend Kelly Waters had made it so, that tonight would be her first night tutoring the bad boy David. Oddly, she was happy to have such an arranged meeting. It made her heart sing loudly, causing her to sing vocally.

Stepping inside her house, she quickly dropped her fifty-pound backpack and put away her shoes. Gliding up the stairs as though she was light as a feather. She was happy as can be, until she had caught a glimpse of her room. Her eyes flared with fury and anger. Growling in anger, she stomped into her room.

Her little brother, Rocky was playing with her make-up again. Staring into the mirror, trying on her lipstick. He gasped as he heard the stomps of feet and dropped what he was doing. "You little hell raiser!" She growled at Rocky. "How many times do I have to tell you?" Trying to argue, but he was stopped with a quick hand of silence. "Stay out of my room!" She began pushing the little Rocky out.

As he was pushed out the door, he stopped momentarily with a smirk of pure mischief and ran off. Frustrated with the difficult little boy, she sighed deeply. "Okay, time to get ready," she said. Quickly, she was lost in her closet searching for something a little more, professional. It is a long and stressing process… especially when you keep nothing organized.

After fifteen minutes in the shower, she came out with a bath towel around her naked wet body and towel around her long wet hair. She walked into her room to find her mother sitting down on the bed, examining the selected outfit. Mrs. Danson was in her modest cooking apron and tied back gray hair. The wiser woman gazed happily at her young beautiful, intelligent daughter. The mother beckoned her to take a seat with her.

"Quite a seductive outfit for a simple tutoring session," the older woman inquired. It had left Samantha blushing and speechless. So softly and gently, Mrs. Danson brushed her daughter's smooth cheeks. Samantha held her mother's loving touching, smiling brightly. "Might there be more to do this than a simple obligations between teacher and student?"

Samantha's gaze lowered as she stared away from her loving mother. Placing a hand over her heart, she thought about David. For a long moment, so long, it felt like hours. "The surface of his façade is like a raging uncontrollable river," she started, "as I dared sail deeper, I saw that he was really a calm, peaceful, wide ocean." A moment after hearing her words, she glanced back at her lovingly mother, who had sparkling eyes. The older woman was smiling warmly, taking those words to her heart.

They shared a smile, embracing each other with a deep hug. "My dear sweet daughter Samantha," she went on, "I hope you be cautious before offering fully your virtue. Once you give her self, it's gone and you'll never have it again." Letting her words settle, she stood up and stepped out of the room. Samantha sat perfectly still as she considered her mother's wise words carefully.

A car pulled up to the curb in front of the Danson house. It was a green Lexus. The driver's window opened and Kelly came out from the opened window. "Samantha! Get your butt moving!" Kelly called out hardly, pressing the car horn repeatedly. Smacking on the roof of her Lexus every now and then. In a matter of minutes, Samantha came out of the hastily. Kelly smiling with a confused look as she was staring at what Samantha was wearing. She was dressed in a jean miniskirt, a spaghetti strap shirt, her hair up, and some pretty sandals.

Kelly gazed at Will who was thinking exactly the same thing. Samantha finally was at the door of the Lexus, appearing a little out of breath. "Ok, I'm here, we can go." She said calmly. Kelly and Will exchange glances once again.

"Okay Cinderella, hop in the back," She said as she crawled back into the driver seat. "My Will and I get the front." Kelly looking back at Samantha.

"Yes, yes, I know the drill, geez," Samantha said agitated as she was already in the back seats, looking for her seatbelt. Hearing the click, the belt was secure, she sat with ease. She would be at ease, if not with her racing beating heart. Will popped in a CD into the radio. It was some mainstream rock boy band playing that Samantha had no idea about.

The Lexus was taken out of park and switched to drive. They were off to take pick up David. The plan, as Kelly claimed was pick up Samantha and pick up David and take them to her house. Pressing the gas pedal lightly, the Lexus easily pulled out off the curb and into downtown.

As Kelly and Will went on and on with their loving relationship, Samantha was staring out the window. Watching everything pass by, stores of all sorts. Her focus was of all that has happened to her. How easy things were with a simple plan and how fate intervened so she had to earn her prize and find a greater one, it seems. David, a quiet mean looking boy that she always had gave a quick glance to around school. She never thought she might have feelings for him.

The heart has a mind of its own, her thoughts became mental words. She sighed deeply, ignoring everything around her but her own mind and heart. Letting her thoughts run wild.

Ever since she started grade nine, all the boys ran after her because of her body, never her heart or mind. Even the most good-looking and strong seniors in her high school were attracted to her. So she kept her body away from everyone, until one that might appreciate her heart and mind. David was different, or so it seemed. He seemed different enough that it was worth looking into and discovering who he really is, if he might understand her and love every aspect of her being. That separates him from all the others.

Her mind traced back to a few days ago this week. How every moment she had noticed David at school, she felt an urge to go speak with him, to learn more about him. The urge was strong, but Samantha has a will of her own. She repressed the urge and settled for a bright smile. Outside the school, on the grassy noel, he would notice her and smile back. Somehow, Samantha had sensed that David had felt the same.

All week they would eye each other as long as the moment would allow before interruption. No word and they also knew of the engagement that would take place Friday night. None of them protested, to Kelly they seemed very discreet, but in actuality, they were both deeply thrilled about the night. Now the night has come, and David was most likely as excited as Samantha with the racing heart rate.

Minutes go by, the radio volume is lowered and Samantha wondered what was coming next. The car was slowing down, her legs were trembling with nervousness. A second as she looked around, her face became appearing confused. David was seating at a bench at the sidewalk, wearing his usual bad boy outfit. Behind him, there was a very great park. This isn't what was…Kelly lied to me. She glared towards Kelly.

The green Lexus stopped at the curb before David. "We all know you really wanted this," Kelly turns back, "so don't act so mad at me and Will. We gave you what you wanted. Now, if you please stop out and enjoy a romantic night with a man I'm sure you'll grow to like and who knows, might get serious. So please." The car door for the back seats had unlocked.

Samantha crossed her arms, apparently angered. "Samantha," Kelly called, "I'll done this—," Samantha rose a hand to silence her friend.

She moved to unbuckle her seatbelt. "Don't talk to me," she replied. She opened the car door and stepped out, slamming the door shut. Crossing her arms once again, watching the car pull out from the curb and drove away. She sighed with great relief. A light touch on her shoulder and she jumped! Scared she turned back to find a confused David staring at her.

Her eyes quickly spotted the flowers he was carrying. Smiling for sometime, mesmerized, a moment he snapped out of it. "O... here, I got them for you," he finally said as he handed her the dozen roses. "A knight's rose given to fair maiden, I humble in her presence." He bowed to her very noticeably, taking her hand gently into his as he kisses her small knuckles softly.

That gentlemen act had flushed away all her anger and spite towards her best friend. Now she blushed, her cheeks so red, David was afraid she would pop like a cherry. "What has thee humble knight have planned for this most beautiful night?" Samantha inquired, whilst smiling. David had offered his arm, Samantha took and he led her to the park.

For while they walked through the park in sweet, sweet silence. Samantha felt so wonderful, she leaned her head atop David's strong solid shoulders. She took a deep breath of the intoxicating atmosphere of wonder and loveliness. Walking along slowly, holding David's arm softly, feeling as though she'd float away from the sheer pleasure of the moment. It was as she always dreamed.

She tilted upwards to look into David's deep-set eyes. Samantha quickly found his eyes were induced with the same potions of pleasure. Why does this feel so wonderful? She asked herself. May be she truly does love this man, may be he's truly the one. What if he is? She questioned her heart yet again. Tonight will ultimately decide if he is or not, than, you will be ever happy. She smiled and took yet another deep breath of the wonderful air.

Samantha had been in deep thought so long, she hadn't realized she was walking on grass, away from the intended dirt trails of the park. There among dozen of great trees they sat down in the warm soft grass. Under the beautiful moonlight they sat in sweet utter silence. Enjoying each other's company was enough. David thought the silence be uncomfortable, he found a very attractive question.

She stared deeply into those so handsome dark deep-set eyes of his. "What is like, being the smartest and most active woman in the high school?" David said out loud, but was really speaking to himself. Samantha took it as a question directed to her self. Staring at David with very intrigued eyes. A moment of staring into the night sky, he turned to meet her eyes.

For a long moment they held the gaze. A quick gasp, and Samantha tore her self away, averting her eyes from his. "Well, if you must know," she began, considering her words, "it's all quite easy, given you have a solid plan and a will to follow it to the end." She replayed her little reply inside her head once before turning to a contemplating David. Again he was looking up to the stars.

"…A plan," he said simply. "Never had one of those. And I guess I haven't really had a question in the manner of how my life should play out." His gaze dropped as he sighed deeply. "I realized in my time, there are those that decide their own destiny and those that were meant for something." He snorted as he cracked a smile.

He shifted, sitting cross-legged, trying to shake off the uncomfortable situation. "Listen to me, rambling on like some depressed poet," he said smiling. It was all washed away by the touch on his knee of a gentle woman. His gaze went from her hand, his eyes shifting upwards, to meet her sparkling eyes. He then, realized his words touched her deeply.

A feverish passion came over the two. Their bodies were tingling all over. Their hearts were filled by the romantic evening. Out of instinct, Samantha as well as David shut their eyes. Drawn closer to each other by some unseen force. Inch by inch, they grow closer. Hearts joined, mind joined, but not the body. It will be in a matter of a second. They kissed.

Suddenly, their hearts opened into a great spectrum of blinding light. Every aspect of their being joined. Samantha offered her entire self willingly to David who couldn't offer anymore than she had. Their lips lit with burning deep passion. In that brief moment, they were one. It was so perfect, unbelievably perfect. The touch was gone, and they opened their eyes into a world of such wonders and heavenly delights. What world did that kiss take them to?