Dear love

This is for all the people who love you

Dear love

I write this for you

And all of your fans

Ok, so this is what I see

People who say they're in love, but don't mean

it, and so they walk around with

Their feet in their mouths and their hands on the ground

Walking like monkeys with this idea in their heads

That it wasn't their fault, they tried their best

To make love see another day

To make it find another way

to work, and so we come to this

People who can't love people

They fall in love with love

And they confuse it for many different things

lust and a certain degree of pain

Masochists the lot of us,

yearning each day for our own lost cause

Love is our muse

Our reason for life

as we know it, assume

And we confuse it

Let it die, and we say

We tried our best

there was no other way

I see it, and you see it too, if you look

The husband who leaves his wife,

The wife that leaves her husband

in different circumstances

And the other cries

They try to reason, they try to rationalize

Why love hurts so much

Why love dies

They have this expectation of what love should be

and they fall in love with it

They love the idea of love

But when it comes to the actual hammer drop

They fall back, and become afraid

Neither side gives all that it can

And so it becomes what we see it as

A broken heart here, a broken heart there

Crying in the arms of a best friend

You know, it's funny, how people wonder

Where all this true love went

How people could die for another,

How you could love with all you've got

And they wonder if they'll ever feel that in their own lifetime

They waste away for want of it

And yet, they run away from it

They hide behind pickiness

oh one little argument and the bride runs off?

Oh one little heated discussion and the groom runs off?

People give up way too soon as life goes on

And so they miss their chance

They miss what it is they say they want

Running through life half blind

Love is our muse

Our reason for life

As we live and breathe

And die and become deceased

We try to love as we see it in our souls

But we run away and let it die out

A sad thing to see

In my eyes alone, at least, maybe

A fragile thing, love

And so I write this in the hope

that maybe, somewhere, someday

People realize, they find a way

To understand what love is about

And why people give it away

Why people would waste their lives

To try and find a way to mimic such a love

As they feel in their hearts

I guess this doesnt just go out to Love

Dear love, I'm sorry, but this isn't just for you

It's for all those kids that grew up

Dad on one side, mom on another

For those who don't know mom or dad

And for those who cant understand that

They didn't have what it took to make it

That they chased love and lost it

And so I hope that I leave you wiser in the end

That I leave you with some knowledge you may not have thought of

Too eager to find out what love is

Too eager to find it and make it our own

We rush into relationships and get turned down

Find ourselves at the end of a frayed rope

Wondering what went wrong, where did it turn

I don't know how to find true love

If I did, I would tell you

All I am is another person

In love with the idea of being in love

Having seen maybe just a little bit more

Maybe not, but I'm going to make sure

Brace myself for heartbreak and pain

And make my own way, maybe a little bit more carefully

Than people have before me.

Love is our Muse

The reason life keeps going on

An idea at best, maybe a hope, a wish

Something to get through our lives with

All I know is all I know

and so I must go

Dear Love

Don't give up on us

Dear Love

Give this generation of fools another chance

Dear Love